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Module 4 : 

Module 4 Lessons 4.7-4.9

Lesson 4.7 : 

Lesson 4.7 In lesson 4.7 you’ll be looking at the links on the page in order to learn more about the history of ancient Greece, including aspects of society, religion and culture. Remember that an artifact must have a physical aspect (like a picture) and also a description, so make sure to take notes as you look at these aspects of Greek life.

Lesson 4.8 : 

Lesson 4.8 The Midas Myth: Go to the following website: http://www.greeka.com/greece-myths/king-midas.htm Check out the myth of King Midas. While you read, think about how this myth could apply to modern society. Do you think that we can still learn a lesson from this greedy king?

Lesson 4.8 Assessment : 

Lesson 4.8 Assessment On the discussion board, post your answer to the question: How does society today reflect the values of the Midas myth? Your response should be in the form of a well-developed paragraph, which is at least five sentences and shows careful thinking and proofreading. Then read through the postings of the other students. Find one that interests you in some way and respond to their posting. Make sure to record the name of the student to whom you responded.

Lesson 4.9 : 

Lesson 4.9 Your cultural museum! For this lesson you will be gathering your 20 artifacts and presenting them as an exhibit in a museum. The following are some examples of slides from PowerPoint museums, courtesy of your classmates.

Zeus : 

Zeus Zeus is the high-god and ruler of Mount Olympus, home of the gods. He would pass judgement on wrong-doers by throwing lightning at them. He is married to the goddess Hera.

Poseidon : 

Poseidon Poseidon is the god of water and the sea. He rules over his fishy subjects, causing storms and waves when he is in a bad mood, and leaving the waters calm when he feels good.

Artemis : 

Artemis Artemis is the goddess of the moon and the bow. She is sister to the god Apollo. When she sees those who need judgement she shoots them with silver arrows.

Tips for completing 4.9 : 

Tips for completing 4.9 Remember that an artifact consists of two main parts: an image and a description. Make sure that your description is written by YOU (not wikipedia or any of the other websites given in the lessons). If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call! 

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