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Future Winter Garden FL. : 

Future Winter Garden FL. A charming little city with a juicy past

Downtown Winter Garden : 

Downtown Winter Garden When most people think of a ‘Future City’. They think of shiny chrome and tall skyscrapers made entirely out of glass. But for Winter Garden FL, I see the city embracing the past as much, or more then they do the future. The city will look to the future, while having its feet firmly planted in the past.

Housing in the future : 

Housing in the future Housing in the future for Winter Garden will not be all shiny, and chrome. It will be more of a Key West style household. The houses will feature a simple layout, much like the homes being built now. The houses will feature higher tech security systems, a hologram projection intercom much like the star wars comunicators.

Shopping in the future : 

Shopping in the future The shops may look simple on the outside, but on the inside is anything but simple. They will feature the cutting edge of technology inside of them The shops will be built with a Key West style to them also. The stores will hold anything from future electronics, to old style clothes stores, and everything inbetween.

Transportation in the future : 

Transportation in the future The railroad will play a big part in both the transportation, and entertainment of the town. The town has its roots in the railroad system, so I am expecting in the future for that to make a return and provide transportation, entertainment, and jobs. The railroad will be powered by electric, diesel, and coal only on holidays and specials events for the coal powered train.

Future Industries : 

Future Industries The industries in Winter Garden in the future will stay very similar to what they are now. The citrus industry plays a big part in the economy for the city for it is one of the major industries in this part of the state. Also the computer and software industries play a big role in the economy for the town, employing many people to work at their companies producing and perfecting software

Future Industries Pt.2 : 

Future Industries Pt.2 The health industry will play an integral part in the future industries, much like it does nowadays. The technology for the medical practice will be the cutting edge of medical gear, it will feature the best X-Ray machines, and the best quality health instruments

Future Entertainment : 

Future Entertainment Golf will play a part in the entertainment and relaxation for the people of Winter Garden in the future Virtual reality video games will play a big part in the home entertainment market in the future and most homes will have this system to entertain them when they are not away at work or school

Recap : 

Recap The future for Winter Garden FL. Is going to be a bright one, which some things changing, and some things staying the same. But one thing is for sure, that this town has nowhere to go but up, with its eyes looking towards the futures, and its feet firmly planted in the past.

The end : 

The end

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