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Your Resume : 

1 Your Resume What is a Resume? A resume is a portrait of your: Education Work Experience Skills Honors What Should Your Resume “Scream Out?” “This is what I can do for you Mr. Employer!” “This is how I am going to make you money!”

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2 Design: Use 8-1/2 x 11inch white or off-white paper. Print on one side of the paper. A resume of a high school student should NOT BE more than one page. Use a font size of 10 to 14 points. Use non-decorative typefaces and choose only one font. Avoid italics, script, and underlined words. Do not fold or staple your resume If you are going to mail your resume, choose a large envelope.

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3 What Skills Do Employers Want? Communication Creativity Critical Thinking Leadership Life Management Research/Project Development Social Responsibility Teamwork Technical/Scientific

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4 Your resume should be tailored to each job you wish to apply for.  Therefore it is important that you are aware of the job skills necessary for the job you wish to get.

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5 These skills (words) should appear in your resume. Some employers will scan your resume into a database.  The software is looking for these skills as well as other skills necessary for the job.

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6 Creating your resume is comparable to drawing a picture of your life.    A good resume brings together your education, skills, personality traits, classroom experiences, and out-of-classroom experiences and offers them to an employer.   The employer makes a decision to interview you based upon your resume.

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7 Your resume helps you "get your foot in the door" for that very special career opportunity. You will find that you will continually be called upon to produce a resume throughout your life time.  It is not uncommon to be updating your resume every six months.

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8 Creating your resume is a simple six step process.

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9 Your résumé's heading should contain the following items: Your full, complete name with middle initial.  Use at least 14 pt. for your name.  Avoid nicknames. Your full address.  Do not abbreviate words such as road, avenue, boulevard, etc.

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10 Your city, state and zip code.  The state may be abbreviated with two capital letters - no periods or spaces. Your telephone number with area code.  If you have an answering machine, record a neutral greeting. Add your e-mail address.Note: Choose an e-mail address that sounds professional.

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11 Your resume objective is a statement of what kind of job you are seeking. For example, an objective for a teacher might be: Seeking a position as an English or Reading instructor at the secondary level. OR “Seeking part-time position as service person in a restaurant.” Short and sweet…to the point for a future employer to see!

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12 In this section indicate the name of your school from which you are graduating and the year of graduation. Your most recent educational information is listed first. Add your grade point average (GPA) if it is higher than 3.0. Mention academic honors.

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13 SAMPLES: June 2003, Smithtown High School, Smithtown, NY with a 3.55 GPA. Will graduate in June 2003 from Smithtown High School, Smithtown, NY. I have developed the following workplace competencies: Will graduate in June 2005.  Would like to continue to work with corporation throughout summer and school year.

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14 If you are a senior in the last quarter of your school year, you should include your plans for post graduation.  For example: Will attend Bucknell University, PA in the fall to major in Business Management.  Would consider returning to corporation during school breaks. Will attend SUNY Stony Brook in the fall to major in Science.  would like to continue working part-time while attending college. Seeking full time employment after graduation.

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15 All employers are looking for validation that you have mastered the basic skills of: Reading Writing History Math Science To validate your mastery of these subjects you may use examples from your high school education. In addition, if you have taken the SAT's or the ACT's,  you may include your final scores. If you have been achieving grades of 80 (B) or better and SAT scores of 1000+, ACT 25+, grade point average of 3.00+, you would want to include these statistics on your resume.   If your achievement is less, you should not include your results.

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16 SAMPLES: National and State Standards: SAT Scores: Verbal 515; Math 490 FCAT Scores: Math Reading Achieved an A on my ten-page, term paper for English on the topic of "Comparison of American Authors.“ Average in Math courses for two years.

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17 Completed all science experiments in Biology with a grade of B or better. Prepared a PowerPoint presentation for Social Studies on the topic of the American Revolution.  Presented material to class of 30 students.

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18 Your work experience can come in the form of: Paid job. Non-paid internship. Shadowing experience Volunteer Experience A class field trip. Childcare, babysitting, mother’s helper. Lawn maintenance, housekeeping, newspaper route.

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19 Briefly give the employer an overview of work that has taught you skills. Use action words to describe your job duties. Include your work experience in reverse chronological order—that is, put your last job first and work backward to your first, relevant job. Include: Title of position, Name of organization Location of work (town, state) Dates of employment Describe your work responsibilities with emphasis on specific skills and achievements.  Check the Job Description web page for ideas.

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20 Samples: Research Detective Assistant, AAA Business Information Network, Smithtown, NY. 10/01 to present. Duties include: Faxing, filing, phones and computers. Counter person, Bagel Chalet, Commack, NY 1/99 to 10/00. Duties included: Helping customers, handling money, and cleaning. Explored the field of accounting through a fifty-hour internship at A & W Accounting, Smithtown, NY 11787.

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21 Sales Associate, The Gap, Smith Haven Mall, Lake Grove, NY 11755. 1/97 – 10/97. Duties included assisting customers, stocking shelves, operating cash register. Computer Technician, Smithtown Central School District, Smithtown, NY 11787. 7/2/01 to 8/28/01 Duties include: Upgrading processors, RAM, video and sound cards, and installing new computers. Childcare Attendant for Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Brown family of Nesconset. Supervised three children, ages 4, 6 and 8. Provided entertainment and nurturing for all children. Page, Smithtown Central Library, Smithtown, NY 11787. 3/2/01 to present. Duties include: Replacing books onto shelves, monitoring computers.

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22 Resume Checkup Run a spell check on your computer before anyone sees your resume. Have a friend look at your resume. Ask another friend to proofread. Is it one page? Does it sell your abilities to an employer?

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