December 16 Weekly Update

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English I Weekly Update Happy Holidays! The time is upon us. Many of you are in the midst of your Hanukah celebrations and others are hurrying to finish their Christmas shopping. And many of you are bustling to finish a semester in English I. I would love to see those of you who are 70% or more complete, wrap up your semester work before the break so you can really enjoy it!

Holiday Challenge : 

Holiday Challenge Thanks to all of you who have been sending in those assignments, completing your oral assessments and completing your semester. Our class jar now has $92.85 in it! And we have one more week to go! This fund will help make a family’s holiday brighter.

Announcements Page : 

Announcements Page I hope you have had time to explore the English I Announcements page. I have tried to provide much helpful information for your success in this class. Click on the different tabs for things like checklists for preparing for oral assessments, pace charts, information for Learning Recovery students, star students, vocabulary practice activities and links for help with your module lessons. Check it out!

Monthly Calls : 

Monthly Calls A big thank-you goes out to those of you who are scheduling your monthly calls with regularity. Please, please, please be sure that you schedule the call when a parent or guardian is available. The extra phone calls to touch base with you and your parent create a hassle for everyone. It is so much easier to talk with both you and your parent at the same time.

Semester Exams : 

Semester Exams Quite a few of you are preparing to take the Semester or Final Exam. Lesson 1.03 contains a handy review/study guide to help you prepare for the exams. Print out materials including terms, timelines and other helpful information as you may use them for the exam.

Looking Ahead : 

Looking Ahead Next week I will heading home to St. Louis, Missouri for Christmas. I can’t wait since I haven’t been home in two years, and it will be great spending time with my family. I will be gone from December 24-31. I will have my computer with me, so I will be checking e-mail and will get some grading done. I will be officially on vacation the 28th, 29th and 30th. You will notice a delay in grading and a “slower than normal” return time on e-mails and phone calls while I am gone. Please keep working hard and know that I will respond to all grading, e-mails and calls when I return. Thank you for your patience! If you need an Oral Assessment or a Monthly Call, schedule today for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week!

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Ms. M. Julie Maguire English I Instructor 239-243-0433

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