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Valley forge:

Valley forge The Conditions At During The Encampment Of The Continental Army In 1777 By Mike Lund, Spring 2012, SIUC, Linguistics 573 Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL)

The Thirteen Colonies:

The Thirteen Colonies Valley Forge www.civics-online.org

Some Facts About The Encampment At Valley Forge:

Some Facts About The Encampment At Valley Forge The troops had just fought at the Battle of White Marsh (or Edge Hill ). The Battle of White Marsh lasted three days, from December 5- 8, 1777. The Continental army retreated about 12 miles from White Marsh to Valley Forge. They arrived at Valley Forge on December 19, 1777. Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, is located about 25 miles (40 km) northwest of Philadelphia. The terrain of Valley Forge made it easy to defend. There were about 12,000 Continental (American) troops. About 1,000 thousand huts were constructed. Camp was constructed in six weeks. Weather Moderately cold Wet and damp Freezing and melting of snow and ice made it impossible to keep dry. Critical shortages Food Inadequate supplies of meat and bread Some resorted to eating "fire cake," a tasteless mixture of flour and water. By March, Baker General Christopher Ludwig provided one pound of fresh baked bread daily per soldier. Clothing Only about one-third of soldiers had shoes. Many wounded soldiers from previous battles died from exposure. Long marches had destroyed shoes. Blankets were scarce. Tattered garments were seldom replaced . At one point these shortages caused nearly 4,000 men to be listed as unfit for duty. Effects Many of the soldiers feet were bleeding. Wet conditions allowed disease to fester. Typhoid, jaundice, dysentery, and pneumonia An estimated 2,500 died at Valley Forge. Information Source: en.wikipedia.org Audio Narration www.profimedia.si

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A Replica Of A Valley Forge Hut:

A Replica Of A Valley Forge Hut upload.wikimedia.org

General George Washington's headquarters in the winter of 1777.:

General George Washington's headquarters in the winter of 1777. Isaac Potts was the owner of this house. upload.wikimedia.org

Video Clip:

Video Clip The full length movie: Valley Forge: The Crucible

Video Clip:

Video Clip The full length movie: The Difficult Winter at Valley Forge

Valley Forge Links:

Valley Forge Links en.wikipedia.org ushistory.org Return to first slide

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