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An International Partnership Supporting AT Professional Development & Access

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introductions India America Assistive Technology Exchange

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Martin Sweeney AT Consultant Assistive Technology Consultant California Assistive Technology Network (2006-09) Director and Manager Center for Accessible Technology (2010-11) Curriculum Development FDLRC Assistive Technology Project (1998-2005) Founding Director India America Assistive Technology Exchange (2012–) Parent

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C.C. Joseph Director, Fourth Wave Foundation Founder/Director Fourth Wave Foundation Leadership coach, Motivational trainer with various educational institutions training students Research Lead on subjects of Ethics and Social Responsiveness Passionate about working with the youth as "catalysts for change" and has traveled over 35 countries addressing youth and young working professionals

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OUR GLOBAL STORY Sharing AT experience and expertise

Assistive Technology Resource Development:

Assistive Technology Resource Development AT Workshops in 2009 ADAPT, Mumbai MITRA Rehabilitation Centre, Mogri PNR Society, Bhavnagar Early development for an India America Assistive Technology Exchange

North South Dialogue IV – 2012:

North South Dialogue IV – 2012 North South Dialogue IV Inclusion Conference Shiksha Sankalp Project Identify the structural gaps in the delivery of educational opportunities for all children, particularly children with disabilities AT Service Delivery Model

Shiksha Sankalp:

Shiksha Sankalp Rural Setting: Pelhar Mapping, Identification & Screening German Partners Federal Ministry of Economic Co-operation Development Christian Blind Mission ADAPT Team Physiotherapist Social Worker Social Health Activist

Shiksha Sankalp:

Shiksha Sankalp Urban setting: Mumbai ‘A’ Ward Mapping & Screening Door-to-door census of  children 6-14 years of age Capacity & empowerment training C ontinuum of support services Disabled Persons Organizations

Fourth Wave Foundation:

Fourth Wave Foundation Diana Joseph, Director Nevertheless Nanagu Shaale Assistive Technology Labs

FWF Core Principles:

FWF Core Principles Be an agent of change Be an instrument that helps bridge the divides prevalent in society Develop sustainable partnerships and facilitate equitable sharing of resources Support all training with research and collaboration with various premier institutions, organizations and agencies

FWF Areas of Intervention:

FWF Areas of Intervention Education Employment Public Places Transportation

FWF Areas of Strength:

FWF Areas of Strength Grassroots-to-boardroom reach All projects backed by research Access and collaboration with government departments and agencies Network of educational institutions Multi-stakeholder model Scalable and sustainable projects

FWF Partnerships & Collaboration:

FWF Partnerships & Collaboration 6,000 schools 1,500 volunteers 200 Colleges 300 corporations Community-at-large

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The problem is not how to wipe out the differences but how to unite with the differences intact. – Rabindranath Tagore

IAATE Pilot Outreach:

IAATE Pilot Outreach Maharashtra—Mumbai Gujarat—Vadodara Karnataka—Bangalore Tamil Nadu—Chennai

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NEED & Opportunity Sometimes a good idea just needs a little light

Need & Opportunity:

Need & Opportunity IAATE — Bringing experience and expertise together to build a replicable and scalable AT service delivery model for developing countries.

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mission India America Assistive Technology Exchange

IAATE Mission:

IAATE Mission To establish and support an international professional development exchange between Indian and American educators, assistive technology specialists, healthcare professionals, AT vendors, engineers, AT users, families and disability rights advocates .

IAATE Objectives:

IAATE Objectives P rovide AT awareness, access, and resources that support activities of daily living and enhance quality of life. S hare AT experience and expertise, particularly to communities, cultures, and settings where resources are limited; Develop AT service delivery models that are replicable and scalable across diverse settings and communities.

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INFRASTRUCTURE Online Collaboration Opportunities

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PHASE I — Online Classroom

Phase I: Online Partnerships & Collaboration:

Phase I: Online Partnerships & Collaboration Phase I centers upon the use of a virtual classroom where AT specialists, educators, healthcare professionals, AT vendors, engineers, families and disability rights activists engage in a multidiscipline, cross-cultural professional development exchange. This initial stage of development will serve to: Identify needs, barriers, challenges, and outcomes Demonstrate AT products and practices Design AT service delivery models that are replicable and sustainable Facilitate relationships and collaboration among Knowledge Partners

WiZiQ Online Classroom:

WiZiQ Online Classroom Online Virtual Learning Environments provide opportunities for teachers, students and families to share experience and expertise with one another .

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PHASE II — International Exchange & Practicums

Phase II: International Exchange & Practicums:

Phase II: International Exchange & Practicums Phase II of development will expand Phase I with annual exchanges among team partners for two-week AT practicums . Phase II will be implemented in year two and continue annually thereafter. Practicums will be designed to meet the specific needs and interests of participants and will include the following areas of focus : Education Healthcare Engineering Family Support Policy & Legislation Advocacy

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DIVERSITY, CULTURE & SETTING How Is IAATE Professional Development different?

IAATE Challenges AT Service Delivery:

IAATE Challenges AT Service Delivery Requires knowledge base to be shared and generalized across diversity, culture and resources; Models assistive technology primarily for individuals and families served; Reinforces national, regional and local collaboration and partnerships; and Develops replicable and scalable AT Service Delivery Models.

IAATE Fosters ICT & Cultural Exchange:

IAATE Fosters ICT & Cultural Exchange Develops ICT infrastructure and training to promote AT awareness and skill development; Provides annual exchange of team partners for AT Practicums; Deepens awareness and appreciation for the diversity of needs across disability, culture, settings and resources; and Promotes AT service delivery as a tool for social change.

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Outside the Box Thinkers:

Outside the Box Thinkers

Outside the Box Thinkers:

Outside the Box Thinkers Resources Time Expertise Experience Commitment $$$

Outside the Box Thinkers:

Outside the Box Thinkers Professional Development AT Resource Development International Network Public & Community Awareness Cultural Exchange Students Customers AT Service Delivery Models

Outside the Box Thinkers:

Outside the Box Thinkers

All India Institute of Speech and Hearing:

All India Institute of Speech and Hearing The major objectives of the All India Institute of Speech and Hearing are to impart professional training, render clinical services, conduct research and educate the public on issues related to communication disorders such as hearing impairment, mental retardation, voice, fluency and phonological and language disorders .

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore:

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore IIMB is one of the premier institutes for management education and research promoting managerial excellence. IIMB strives to achieve excellence through partnerships with industry, and leading academic institutions, worldwide. IIMB’s mission is to build leaders through holistic, transformative and innovative education.

Indian Institute of Science:

Indian Institute of Science IISC offers a variety of Master's degree programs in Engineering, as well as an integrated Ph.D. programs. IISC also has an undergraduate program with an opportunity for students to obtain a broad foundation in science, including an exposure to research. IISC is committed to promoting post-doctoral research in the areas of science and engineering.

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras:

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras IIT Madras is one among the foremost institutes of national importance in higher technological education, basic and applied research. IIT Madras is a premier center for teaching, research and industrial consultancy.


ADAPT ADAPT (formerly The Spastics Society of India) has been providing educational and social services for over 40 years to more 10,000 families living in Mumbai and the state of Maharashtra. ADPT services include assessment, infant stimulation, therapy, counseling, inclusive education, skills training, job placement, continuum of support services and home management programs for children and young adults with disabilities.

Vidya Sagar:

Vidya Sagar Vidya Sagar (formerly the Spastics Society of India) is a voluntary organization based in Chennai working with children and young adults with cerebral palsy and other neurological disabilities, their families and communities. Vidya Sagar focuses on the holistic development and education of children and adults with special needs, on demystification of disability, empowering persons with special needs and their families with knowledge and skills, while strongly advocating on issues of inclusion .

California State University Northridge:

California State University Northridge California State University Northridge Masters of Science in Assistive Technology and Engineering prepares computer scientists and engineers for careers as creators of devices and software that assist the growing special-needs population. This Masters program is the only one of its kind and is linked with the university’s Master of Science in Assistive Technology Studies and Human Services.

Indio-US Collaboration for Engineering Education:

Indio-US Collaboration for Engineering Education IUCEE helps create quality engineering talent in order to find solutions to the global challenges facing humanity such as energy, environment, health and communications . IUCEE’s vision is to improve the quality and global relevance of Engineering Education in India and in the United States

PACER Center:

PACER Center Located in Minnesota, PACER is a parent training and information center helping families make decisions about education, vocational training, employment, and other services for their children with disabilities. Since 2007, PACER has had a partnership with the Spastics Society of Karnataka and helped to establish SSK's Center for Assistive Technology for Life Skills Training .

Assistive Technology Network:

Assistive Technology Network AT Network is a California resource designed to expand the accessibility of tools, resources and technology that increase independence, improve personal productivity, and enhance the quality of life for all Californians. AT Network provides information, referrals, training, and technical assistance.

Assistive Technology Industry Association:

Assistive Technology Industry Association ATIA is a nonprofit membership organization of manufacturers , sellers and providers of technology-based assistive devices and/or services . ATIA offers webinars, conferences and leadership events providing the latest information on products and services from leading regional, national and international presenters.

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TIMELINE Concept • Implementation • Sustainability


Timeline... IAATE Orientation—2013 April May June Pilot Project Sites—2013 July August September

Timeline continued...:

Timeline continued... Introduce AT Curriculum—2013 October November December International Exchange – 2014 January February March

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NEXT STEPS How to make a difference

Next Steps:

Next Steps Outreach & Recruitment of Knowledge Partners Needs & Opportunity ICT Infrastructure Establish priorities Staffing Secure IAATE Development, Budget & Funding

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CONTACT How to reach us


Contact Martin Sweeney Abilidez martin@abilidez.com 626-796-1402 C.C. Joseph Fourth Wave Foundation joseph@fourthwavefoundation.org D1, Viceroy Sree, Sy No 4, IT Colony, Opp Total Mall, Sarjapura Road Bangalore 560 103, India.

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