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Emily’s mouth dropped open as wide as a door. Her eyes popped out of her head. Her whole body froze like an ice cube. She put her hands on her rosy red cheeks and screamed with excitement. Written By: Jayme

Slide 2:

Maggie couldn’t keep her eyes open. She drooled on her desk. She fell out of her seat. I giggled. She yawned like a lion. She fell and woke with a jerk. She got up and fell asleep. Written By: Haven

Slide 3:

Bob’s face was as red as an apple. His teeth were clenched and his fists were too. He was growling and hissing. His veins were popping out. He was stomping his feet very loud. He started to yell. He was kicking and pounding. His eyebrows were high up to his forehead. He got yelled at. Written By: Veronica

Slide 4:

Kaities teeth were as tight as a door closed tight. She pounded on her desk. Then she threw a pencil at her friend. Stomped her feet. Her eyebrows went up. Her face was red. She went GRRRR!! Her eyes were half closed. Steam came out of her ears. Written By: Kaitlyn

Slide 5:

Wow! Bob stomped in to class, his fists were clenched tightly. His veins were popping out. Then he fell out of his chair. His eyes were like a death ray. He stomped on Sydney and ran away. Written By: Nicholas

Slide 6:

Jake’s eyes were staring into the eyes of a mummy like he was dead. He woke up and it was just a dream. He was as scared as a mouse! He screamed as bad as a tiger, like he was about to get killed! His hair was sticking up like it had gel in it! He screamed as loud as he could for help. Written By: Adam

Slide 7:

Shaun’s face was as green as slime! He was feeling really bad. He went to the bathroom and threw up. He went back to class and put his head on his desk. Written By: Conner

Slide 8:

Jayme’s mouth opened like a door. Her eyes were wide open like a crocodile’s mouth. She was shaking like a leaf on a tree. Here whole body was cold and not moving. Her face was as pale as a vampire. Written By: Maddie

Slide 9:

Lucy slouched in her seat as her eyes fell closed. She drooled down. She fell out of her chair a few times and used my feet as a pillow. Her snore was as loud as a volcano. Written By: Jaclyn

Slide 10:

Katie’s face was filled with tears. She slouched down and looked at the ground. Katie would not stop crying. She had a frown. Her face was as wet as a leaky water faucet. She seemed like she wanted to hide. Katie was not having a good day! Written By: Kaylee

Slide 11:

Jacob balled his fists and his ears got straight and his eyes got redder than lava. He veins popped out of his body. He bent his toes and stomped his feet. Written By: Chakiris

Slide 12:

Samantha jumped up and down. She laughed. She couldn’t stop smiling. Her eyes were wide. She was singing. Her eyebrows were up. She was starting to dance. Her teeth were showing. She was walking in joy. Written By: Sydney

Slide 13:

Laura was turning red. Steam was coming out of her ears. She shook the house. Veins were popping out! Her family heard her throat hissing. People in outer space heard Laura scream! Written By: Laura

Slide 14:

When I walked into the class I had a piece of drool falling out of my mouth. My eyes could not stay open. I dragged my feet and feel on the teacher’s desk. The teacher rang her bell and I wrote the answer on the board. I went back to my desk and went back to sleep. The teacher, Mrs. White called home and her parents came up to the school and picked he up. Written By: Jakala

Slide 15:

John was walking and he saw a zombie, John screamed, AHHHHH!!! He ran under the bed and he was shivering and crying. The zombie was coming and he ran outside and ran two miles. John was sad like he was in a fight. Written By: Angelo

Slide 16:

Wow! My mouth was as wide as a dinosaur’s mouth. I jumped back as far as I could. I was frozen and then I fell down. I put my hands in the air. Written By: Shakyrah

Slide 17:

Madison had veins as red as a fire. She screamed like a horse. The heart in her chest was beating really hard. Her feet were as big as a clown’s feet. She wobbled to the door. Her legs were wobbly like an elephant. Written By: Madison

Slide 18:

I was walking out the door with my fists clutched tightly. White bones were sticking out. White little teeth were breaking. I was stomping through the hallway. I had a red face like lava. My eyes were was red as lava. I was hitting and punching. Written By: Maya

Slide 19:

Wow! My eyes were out of my sockets! I hugged myself. I was screaming. My cheeks were brick red. Written By: Matthew

Slide 20:

GRRRR! My face is red and my face gets red steam coming out of my ears. Did you know I stomped my feet. I clenched my teeth and fists. Written By: Allen

Slide 21:

My face was as red as a raspberry. My teeth were tight. My eyebrows were at my forehead. My fists were super tight. Written By: Tyler

Slide 22:

I walked into the classroom. I had a bag on my face. My teacher says to get that bag off your face. I took it off, looking at the floor. She says look at me, but I look at the ceiling. Then my face went red. Written By: Daviontez

Slide 23:

My fists were clenched. My veins popped out. My dog chewed my game up. My brother ran from me. I hit and punched my pillow. Written By: Lucas

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