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Thinking About Reading : 

Thinking About Reading Mrs. Short’s Class November 10, 2010

k : 

k I wonder if Junie B’s tooth will come out. Junie B. Jones, First Grader Toothless Wonder

Slide 3: 

I think that Franklin will be scared. Franklin’s Sleepover

r : 

r I wonder if the leaves are going to fall on the cat. Autumn Leaves Are Falling

p : 

p I think that Arthur is faking being sick. Arthur’s Chicken Poxs

Slide 6: 

I wonder if Junie B. Jones is going to whine. Junie B. Jones is Captain Field Day

Slide 7: 

I think that it is going to tell about bones. Bones

Slide 8: 

I wonder if he has too much notes. Officer Buckle and Gloria

Slide 9: 

I wonder if Mama Bear is going to cut off the tv. Too Much TV

w : 

w I think the animals are going to try to lay eggs for egg day. Egg Day

t : 

t I think that Junie B. is going to bring her pet to school and she is going to make some trouble. Junie B. Jones Smells Something Fishy

hu : 

hu I wonder why Arthur hid his glasses in his lunch box. Arthur’s Eyes

Slide 13: 

I wonder why Sam’s dog keeps on watching tv. Ollie’s New Tricks

Slide 14: 

I think penguins are going to be in the egg. Penguins

Slide 15: 

I think the wolf will eat the little girl. Which Way Did They Go?

y : 

y I wonder if he feels better. Franklin Goes To The Hospital

Slide 17: 

I wonder if they will go in the witch’s house. Arthur’s Halloween

Slide 18: 

I think it is going to be about a play. Franklin’s School Play

I : 

I I think George is going to get in big trouble. Curious George Visits The Library

Slide 20: 

I think Froggy is going to like golf. Froggy’s Day With Dad

Slide 21: 

I wonder if Louise is going to run into a real pumpkin. Fox Out foxed

Slide 22: 

I wonder if they are going to wake each other. Inside a Barn

Slide 23: 

I wonder why he knew it was his friend, but he didn’t care, he still went. Arthur and the Goalie Ghost

Slide 24: 

I think that they are going to pick the leaves. Fall Leaves

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