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Our Family Holiday Traditions January, 2012 :

Our Family Holiday Traditions January, 2012

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Every year my family cuts down a Christmas tree and decorates the house. On Christmas Eve, we go over my grandma and papa Lenn’s to eat dinner and open presents. At night, we go back to our house. All of my cousins and my aunts and uncles come over. We read The Christmas Story and We all say what we are thankful for. Then we sing Happy Birthday Jesus. On Christmas morning, we open presents and then all of my mom’s side of the family comes over. By: Sophia

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Every year my family makes cookies and puts up our Christmas tree. Mommy does the lights. My brother and I put up the ornaments and my daddy puts up the star that goes on the tree. We always go to my Nana’s house after. We open our gifts from Santa Claus. This is my favorite holiday . By : Aubree

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O m We put our Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving night. My brother and sisters help decorate the tree and house. My family puts milk and cookies out for Santa. In the morning, my sister and I wake our parents up and open our gifts together. By: Nicholas

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Every Christmas, my family and I go to my Aunt Beth’s house for a huge Breakfast. Then I head back to my house to play with my gifts. Then we Go to my grandma’s house for dinner and more presents. By: Hailey


a We decorate the day after Thanksgiving. We put up a tree. We make cookies for Santa. We decorate the house.


t Christmas is special to me because we first go to cut down our Christmas tree. Santa brings us presents then we go to Aunt Linda’s and get more presents from my cousins. This Christmas is really special because it is our kitten’s first Christmas and climbs our Christmas tree. By: Jaden

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Every Christmas, I sit around the Christmas tree and open lots of presents and after we are done opening all our Christmas presents, we go to non’s house and open even more presents and we eat dinner and make gingerbread houses and visit with my cousins. By: Cede


: Every Christmas, my family and I go on a little trip to see Christmas lights. Do you Go on a little trip and see lights? I think going to see Christmas lights is so fun. Do you? First of all, we get our pajamas on and grab some cookies and put them in a bag and get In the car and drive around down town. Then we go to McDonalds and get peppermint Hot chocolate. On the way home, we sing Christmas songs. I just think that is so fun. That’s the way we spend our Christmas. By: Miranda


s Every Christmas, most of my family comes over my house. Everybody opens a present, one at a time. It goes youngest to oldest. I’m like the 4 th 5 th to open my presents. My favorite part of Christmas is when I get to open presents and be with my family. Christmas is my favorite holiday because we all get together. By: Andrew

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Christmas is very special to me and my family every year because on Christmas Eve my mom lets us open one present. I also love Christmas because I spend time with my family and friends. By: Rakiya

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We go out and get a real Christmas tree a few weeks before Christmas. Then we put it on a stand and water it. Then we put lights on the tree and ornaments. Then we open presents at our house on Christmas morning. Then we go over our cousin’s house to give presents to my cousins and they give presents to us. Then we have a Christmas dinner and go home. By: Ashlynn

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First, we go to Grandma Darlene’s on Christmas Eve. We have a nice dinner and then open presents. After that, we go to Grandma Pat’s and open more presents. We visit with her and have dessert. Then I play with my cousins. Next, we go to Uncle Mark’s. I play with more cousins and we see Santa. On Christmas morning we open presents from Santa. We have a nice breakfast then relax when we get home. Later in the day, we go visit family again. By: Brett

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When my family decorates our Christmas tree, it’s one of my favorite traditions. My dad, mom, brother, and me each pick our favorite ornaments. Then we all take turns hanging them on the tree. When we are done it is perfect for Santa. By: Kyle

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At Christmas time, we put up a Christmas tree and decorations. We decorate in and outdoors. On Christmas and Christmas Eve, we visit our family. We see Nana, Papa, Grandma Viv, Grandma Tamie, and Papa Jae and aunts and uncles and cousins. At Nana and Papa’s house, we open gifts. At Grandma Viv’s house, we open more gifts. We also give gifts to our family. We always have a big Christmas dinner. By: Olivia

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Every year, we string popcorn and hang it on our Christmas tree. Every Christmas we have brunch at my grandpa and Grandma Kathy’s house. Then we eat dinner at my Ba and grandma’s house. I open presents all day long. I love Christmas because I get new things and get to be with all of my family. By: Nathan

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For Christmas we put up the Christmas tree and play in the snow. Also, we decorate the tree. We all put Up the stockings and put up the Christmas lights. We watch Christmas videos and on Christmas morning we all open presents from under the tree. We all wonder and hope what we got for Santa Claus. By: Brendan

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