Silky the Silent Siamese

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A children's story about social inclusion and diversity


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Silky the Silent Siamese : 

Silky the Silent Siamese A children’s story on social inclusion and diversity Click on Silky to start

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Silky the cat shared a basket with lots of other cats at the cattery where she had lived all of her life. The other cats teased her because not only did she look different from them……. ….Silky couldn’t meow!

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She had tried and she had tried….. …..But no matter how hard she tried, Silky just couldn’t seem to make a sound that was anything like she had heard the other cats make. Click on Silky to continue

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Silky tried so hard to make the other cats like her but they didn’t want to be her friend because she looked different to them and couldn’t make a sound like they could. The other cats thought she was perhaps too silly to be able to meow.

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She would try and play with them, but they would only run away. Click on the cat before moving on

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Until one day, Silky let out a very LOUD…. Click here

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Everyone was shocked to hear Silky bark, even Silky was shocked. It was such a fine bark, that all the cats at the cattery thought that Silky must be a really clever cat. Silky was not at all silly like they had once thought.

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The cats at the cattery told Silky of how they were frightened of her when she was silent. A cat, who could not make a sound? How could they possibly understand her?

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As Silky barked and wagged her tail, the other cats knew that there was nothing to be scared of and soon they become great friends.

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Silky had learned how to make a sound, she was able to bark all along, not meow! She also made friends with Fido the dog, who didn’t care that she was a cat.

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All the cats at the cattery, Fido the dog and Silky, now knew that it was okay to be different. Now they all knew that everyone matters whether they bark or meow. Click on Silky to hear her bark. The End

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