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WCC Presents…:

WCC Presents…

Milton Hershey:

Milton Hershey

Where did Milton Hershey grow up? :

Where did Milton Hershey grow up? Milton Hershey was born on September 13, 1857 in the small town of Derry, Pennsylvania. He only had one sibling, a sister named Serina who sadly died from Scarlet fever when Milton was nine years old. His mother, Fanny, was a devoted Mennonite. His father, Henry, was a dreamer who was constantly starting new jobs and working on his next "get rich quick" scheme.

Where did Milton Hershey grow up? :

Where did Milton Hershey grow up? Because Milton's family moved so much, he didn't get a very good education. By the time he turned thirteen he had attended six different schools. Even though he was smart, it was tough on Milton to always be changing schools. After the fourth grade, his mother decided that Milton should leave school and learn a trade. .

Where did Milton Hershey grow up? :

Where did Milton Hershey grow up? Milton's mom found him a job as an apprentice to a printer. He would help set up each letter for the printing press and then load the paper and ink for the printer to work. He thought the work was boring and didn't enjoy the job. After two years with the printer, Milton's mom helped him to find a new apprentice job with a candy maker.

Learning to Make Candy :

Learning to Make Candy In 1872, Milton went to work for Joseph Royer at the Lancaster confectionery shop. There Milton learned about the art of candy making. He made all sorts of candy including caramels, fudge, and peppermints. He really enjoyed being a candy maker and knew he had found what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Starting His Own Business :

Starting His Own Business When Milton was nineteen years old he decided to open his own candy business. He borrowed $150 from his aunt and uncle to get the business open. He opened the shop in the big city of Philadelphia. He had all sorts of candy products and he also sold nuts and ice cream.

Failing :

Failing Sadly, no matter how hard Milton worked, he couldn't figure out how to get his business to make a profit. He worked harder and harder, but soon he ran out of money and had to shut his business down. His business failed after six years. Milton wasn't one to give up. Milton opened a second candy shop in New York City. He followed his father’s advice to “think big” and he expanded too quickly. His business failed once again. Hershey accepted a job with a local caramel manufacturer in Denver, Colorado. Although it was a brief employment, he learned how to make caramel. Milton Hershey failed at his first attempt to open a candy store in Philadelphia.

Lancaster Caramel Company :

Lancaster Caramel Company Back in Lancaster, Milton once again started a new candy business. This time he would specialize in making just caramels. His caramel company was a huge success. Before long, Milton had to open up new candy making factories and branches all over the country. Female employees of Milton Hershey’s Lancaster Caramel Company, Lancaster, PA in 1899.

Hershey Chocolate Company:

Hershey Chocolate Company Even though Milton was now a huge success, he had a new idea that he thought would be even bigger...chocolate! He sold his caramel business for $1 million and put all his efforts into making chocolate. He wanted to make a huge chocolate factory where he could mass produce chocolate so it would be both delicious and affordable for the average person. He got the idea of building a factory in the country, but where would the workers live?

Hershey Pennsylvania:

Hershey Pennsylvania Milton decided to not only build a large factory in the country, but to also build a town. People thought he was crazy! Milton, however, didn't care. He went ahead with his plan and built the town of Hershey, Pennsylvania. It opened in 1905, and became the world’s largest chocolate manufacturing plant. It had lots of houses, a post office, churches, and schools. The chocolate company was a huge success. Soon Hershey's chocolates were the most famous chocolates in the world.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Empire of Hershey Chocolate Factory

Successful businessman:

Successful businessman Milton Hershey was more than just a candy maker and a dreamer, he was a good businessman and learned from his earlier mistakes. When he first started making chocolate, he made one simple product: the milk chocolate candy bar. Because he made so many, he could sell them at a low price. This allowed everyone to afford chocolate. Milton also hired good people, advertised his chocolates, and invested in other aspects of chocolate making like the production of sugar.

Philanthropist Milton Hershey:

Philanthropist Milton Hershey Milton Hershey was a philanthropist who believed that “An individual is morally obligated to share the fruits of success with others.” He measured success not in dollars, but in the good that someone could bring to his fellow human beings. 

Philanthropist Milton Hershey:

Philanthropist Milton Hershey In the 1930s, during the Great Depression, Hershey made sure that no man would be without pay . He and his wife founded Milton Hershey School in 1909, it was a school for orphan boys and girls. Milton Hershey School provides free education, career training, housing, clothing, sustenance, health care, and counseling for children whose family lives have been disrupted. 

Successful and a Good Man:

Successful and a Good M an Milton Hershey was a very successful and true philanthropist. He not only created a great chocolate factory, but he also put his talents and money into a school for children with low income, limited resources, and social need . In 1918, more than twenty years before his death in 1945, Milton Hershey donated his entire property and more than $60 million to the school in order to secure its future. Today , the Hershey Company exports to over ninety countries worldwide .

Quote by Milton Hershey: :

Quote by Milton Hershey:

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