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What is the PSAT?:

What is the PSAT? and why am I taking it?

The PSAT is ...:

The PSAT is ... The PSAT is a nationwide, multiple-choice test taken by about 3.4 million high school students every year

As 9th Graders :

As 9th Graders Taking this test will provide you with: Practice and experience in standardized testing Information from your test results that may be helpful in selecting appropriate AP classes in high school.

What is the format?:

What is the format? The PSAT/NMSQT includes five sections in three skill areas: Reading Writing Math

Critical Reading Information:

Critical Reading Information Two 25 minute sections that include: Sentence completion questions Reading Passages with questions What does it test? How you analyze, evaluate and think logically about what you read

Writing Information:

Writing Information The Focus is on: Improving sentences Identifying sentence errors Improving paragraphs What does it test? How well you express ideas in standard written English, recognize sentence faults, and use language. One 30 minute section

Math Information:

Math Information There are two types of questions: Two 25 minute sections Multiple-choice Student-produced response (grid-ins) What does it test? How well you use : arithmetic, algebra, and geometry to think logically and solve familiar and unfamiliar problems


Strategies For this test, you may leave questions blank, and they will not be marked wrong. If you can eliminate one or two answer choices, guess; otherwise, leave it blank. The questions in each section get harder as you go. For example, question number 10 will be harder than question number 2.


Scoring The PSAT Scoring is different from other tests you have taken. Here is how it works: You receive 1 point for every correct answer (regardless of the level of difficulty) For everything question answered incorrectly, ¼ of a point is deducted. If you leave the answer blank--nothing is deducted. Incorrect answers on the Student-Produced Responses (grid-in) questions on the math section are also not deducted. These scores are adjusted for the level of difficulty, which produces your RAW SCORE

More Scoring...:

More Scoring... Each of the three sections is out of 80--so a perfect score is 240. The scores are not just added together--the College Board figures in the level of difficulty of the questions, so your score could look like this: Critical Reading Math Writing Composite Score Student X 42 44 42 133

Think of it like this...:

Think of it like this... You answer the question correctly, you earn You answer the question incorrectly, you lose You leave the question blank, there is no transaction

How should I prepare?:

How should I prepare? Get enough sleep, eat well and don’t worry!

For the test day...:

For the test day... You will be given further instructions about room assignments On the day of the test bring: number 2 pencils an eraser a calculator snack for the break DO NOT BRING CELL PHONES INTO TEST!

Test Day:

Test Day Wednesday, October 15th! You will be receiving more information in the next few days. You will also be given a booklet that further explains the test’s format and includes a practice test to familiarize yourself with the test.

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