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Rise of Christianity:

Rise of Christianity

Religion in Rome:

Religion in Rome Many practiced versions of polytheism Romans were officially allowed to worship whichever religion they chose Included Jews after Rome conquered Palestine Did not have to worship the emperor Special coins for the Jews


Messiah Important concept for the Jews Believed a savior chosen by God would lead them to freedom from Roman rule


Jesus Born in Bethlehem, grew up in Nazareth Learned to be a carpenter Studied with Jewish scholars Performed miracles Began teaching at 30 Taught for 3 years Followers begin to call him Messiah

Teachings of Jesus:

Teachings of Jesus Parables: short stories with simple moral lessons Personal relationship with God Love and compassion for oneself and others God is loving and forgiving for all people Earthly riches are unimportant An eternal life after death would be given to those who were unselfish

More Teachings of Jesus:

More Teachings of Jesus Connected to Hebrew Law Monotheism, Ten Commandments, Old Testament Teachings grow popular, Romans fear his new fame and followers Jesus is arrested and crucified Pontius Pilate charges him with defying the authority of Rome


Apostles 12 followers of Jesus chosen to carry on his teachings Wrote the Gospels, where most of the information on Jesus is found Peter converted Jews in Rome Paul was not an original apostle Spread message to the East Preached to Gentiles Wrote letters

Why Christianity was Popular:

Why Christianity was Popular Embraced all people and gave them hope (especially poor) Offered personal relationship with a loving God Promised eternal life after death Encouraged life of moderation and discipline Anyone could be a Christian Traveled through the empire easily Common languages: Greek & Latin Good roads


Conflict 66 CE: Jews revolt Want their own state, free of Roman influence 70 CE: Romans destroy the Temple and abolish the Jews’ state 132 CE: Jews attempt another rebellion Fight for three years, but lose Made into slaves and scattered throughout the empire Known as the Diaspora

Persecution of Christians:

Persecution of Christians Refused to worship Roman gods or the emperor Romans killed Christians by the thousands Crucified, burned, killed by wild animals at gladiator games United Christians further Martyrs People who suffer or die for their beliefs

Emperor Constantine:

Emperor Constantine 312 CE: Fighting a civil war to gain control over 3 rivals for leadership of Rome He prays for divine help the day before a battle and sees the image of a cross in the sky Has all soldiers put a cross on their shields Credits Christian God with their battle win

Edict of Milan:

Edict of Milan Issued 313 CE by Constantine Christianity is now officially a tolerated religion of Rome Becomes official religion by 380 CE (by different emperor)

Church Organization:

Church Organization

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