Kingdoms of Africa

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Kingdoms of Africa : 

Kingdoms of Africa Chapter 19

Focus of Chapter : 

Focus of Chapter Although not highly studied, a variety of powerful African kingdoms existed in the period 600-1450 CE. Each of these kingdoms rose to power by controlling resources and establishing trade contacts with Muslim merchants

Technical vocabulary : 

Technical vocabulary Kinship Swahili animism

Effects of the Bantu migrations : 

Effects of the Bantu migrations Spread of agriculture New crops Iron production Huge population growth 3.5 M in 400 BCE 22 M in 1000 CE

African Society : 

African Society Kinship Village societies led by councils Chief Chiefdoms emerge as population growth puts strain on resources Chiefdoms start to erode kinship ties

Kongo : 

Kongo A collection of village states along the Congo River Come together under single leader in 1200 CE Highly-centralized government Currency Bureaucracy

Trans-saharan trade : 

Trans-saharan trade Camels become popular Faster movement New trade products Entrance of Islam via merchants

Kingdom of Ghana : 

Kingdom of Ghana West Africa Gold, ivory, slaves Thriving commercial capital Kings of Ghana convert to Islam in 900s Don’t force the people to convert

Kingdom of mali : 

Kingdom of mali Sundiata Come to power after Ghana declines in the early 13th century Control the trade of West Africa Mansa Musa Pilgrimage to Mecca Huge push for Islam

East africa : 

East africa Arabs called East Africans “Swahili” Majority of upper classes becomes Muslim Economic/political advantages Major trade triangle between East Africa, Arab states and India

kilwa : 

kilwa Major port city Lots of gold

Zimbabwe : 

Zimbabwe By 800s, huge stone buildings Great Zimbabwe 18 K people lived here Gold, ivory, slaves Education center

African society : 

African society Diversity of government Kinship ties Women enjoy most freedom here Introduction of Islam does not limit their position Age grades Slavery African religion animism

Arrival of christianity : 

Arrival of christianity North Africa by 1st century CE Finds stronghold in Ethiopia Huge missionary movement Kebra Nagast Claim lineage with Solomon Rock churches

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