Growth in Europe during the High Middle Ages

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Growth in Europe during the High Middle Ages : 

Growth in Europe during the High Middle Ages Chapter 20

Focus of chapter : 

Focus of chapter While Western Europe developed along regional lines during the High Middle Ages, these states were all uniquely influenced by the Catholic Church

Technical vocabulary : 

Technical vocabulary state chivalry

Holy Roman Empire : 

Holy Roman Empire Otto I serves as first major “HRE” Crowned by Pope John XI in 962

Lay investiture : 

Lay investiture Argument between pope and kings over who had the right to appoint church officials “HRE” Henry IV excommunicated over the point

Regional monarchies : 

Regional monarchies France under the Capetian dynasty England under William the Conqueror beginning 1066

Regional states : 

Regional states Italy Pope owns most of central Italy Prosperous city-states in the North Close coalition of villages in the South Iberia (Spain) Muslim controlled through the 11th century Small Christian states to the east

agriculture : 

agriculture Backbone of the economy Crop rotation New crops and animals Much better diet for the people Watermills Heavy plows Horseshoe and horse collar

Population growth : 

Population growth 800 CE = 29 million people 1300 CE = 79 million people

urbanization : 

urbanization Centers of trade Via the Mediterranean Hanseatic League Textile production in Italy and Flanders banking

Social classes : 

Social classes Three classes: “Those who pray” “Those who fight” “Those who work” Chivalry Troubadors Guilds

Christianity : 

Christianity Cathedral schools Universities Scholasticism St. Thomas Aquinas

Expansion and exploration : 

Expansion and exploration Norse arrival in Greenland and Iceland Leif Ericsson and Vinland Conquest of Sicily Reconquista in Spain Begins 1060s Complete by early 1200s

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