Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 : 

Chapter 8 Chinese Philosophy, Qin dynasty and the Han dynasty

Focus of the Chapter : 

Focus of the Chapter The three major philosophies of China reflect the different attitudes of governmental leadership found there. The Mandate of Heaven concept proves the dissatisfaction of the people leads to the collapse of dynasties.

Technical Vocabulary : 

Technical Vocabulary Scholar-elite Land distribution

Three major philosophies : 

Three major philosophies Confucianism Order with the past will bring order in the present Taoism (Daoism) Too many human imposed laws pull the universe out of order Legalism Humanity not capable of existing without extreme punishments and rewards

Confucianism : 

Confucianism Confucius The Analects Morals and ethics Restore social and political order

Confucian concepts : 

Confucian concepts Filial piety (xiao) Ren Li

Taosim (Daoism) : 

Taosim (Daoism) Laozi Tao Te Ching The Tao Wuwei Connection with Nature Ambition and activism bring chaos Counterbalance to Confucianism

Legalism : 

Legalism Han Feizi No morals, no ethics, no concern for nature Focus on agriculture and military People are inherently greedy and stupid; need an all powerful government to control their impluses

Qin Dynasty : 

Qin Dynasty 221-207 BCE Adopted Legalism Shihuangdi Started Great Wall Took down education Burned books Standardization of laws, weights, measures, coins, and writing Tomb of the Terra-cotta soldiers People rebel against the government

Han Dynasty : 

Han Dynasty 206 BCE-220 CE Liu Bang restores order and starts dynasty Han Wudi—warrior emperor expands the empire

Han Government : 

Han Government Bureaucracy Building projects Monopolies on iron and salt Confucian education to create scholar-elite Take over Vietnam and Korea

Economic Prosperity of the Han : 

Economic Prosperity of the Han Patriarchy Effective farming Iron works Silk production Paper production Population explosion 20m to 60m from 220 BCE to 9 CE

Social Tension under Han : 

Social Tension under Han High taxes Confiscated the property of the wealthy Large gap between rich and poor

Fall of the Han : 

Fall of the Han Revolts Angry peasants Factions develop in court

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