Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 : 

Chapter 3 Rise of Civilizations in Africa

Focus of Chapter : 

Focus of Chapter Despite cultural differences the societies of Africa traded and communicated extensively. Fertile lands along the Nile led to expansive population growth. The Bantu migration spread technology and ideas throughout the less densely populated regions.

Technical Vocabulary : 

Technical Vocabulary Sub-Sahara Africa Desertification Migration

Sahara : 

Sahara Not always a desert, originally grassy steppe Sorghum and yams Desertification leads to migration towards the Nile

“Gifts of the Nile” : 

“Gifts of the Nile” Egyptian farming easy thanks to regular flooding cycle Nubian farming requires more effort

Egyptian Empire : 

Egyptian Empire Unified under Menes Pharaoh Nature gods/goddesses Pyramid building Trade with Nubia

Egyptian Periods : 

Egyptian Periods Unification Old Kingdom Civil War Middle Kingdom Hyksos Rule New Kingdom Eventually conquered by Assyrians, Greeks and Romans

Cities : 

Cities Egyptian cities not as developed as Mesopotamia Nubian cities trade and education centers

Patriarchy : 

Patriarchy Women have more rights in Egypt and Nubia than in Mesopotamia

Hieroglyphics : 

Hieroglyphics Provide excellent resource for modern research

Extensive Nature Religion : 

Extensive Nature Religion Soul Afterlife cult

Bantu : 

Bantu Language group Start in west central Africa, migrate east and south Can trace their movement via language development

Bantu are the Agents of Change : 

Bantu are the Agents of Change

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