Ancient Rome

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Ancient Rome : 

Ancient Rome The Start of the Republic

Geography : 

Geography Italian peninsula juts out like a boot into the Mediterranean Alps Mountains block cold winds from blowing into Italy Not good for protection Apennines Mountains run the length of Italy

Rome : 

Rome Built on seven hills near the center of the peninsula Used Tiber River to provide food and transportation

The First Romans : 

The First Romans Originally, Italy home to three groups: Latins Farmers and herders Built the original settlement of Rome Greeks Established colonies Very prosperous in trade Etruscans Northern Italy Metalworkers and engineers

Etruscans seize control : 

Etruscans seize control Will rule Italy for 100 years Influence for Latins Alphabet and advanced writing system Art Architecture (especially the arch) System of gods and goddesses

Roman Republic established 509 BCE : 

Roman Republic established 509 BCE Overthrow the last Etruscan king No longer want to be ruled by a king Create a republic A government in which the power rests with the citizens who have the right to vote for their leaders

3 Social Classes : 

3 Social Classes Patricians Wealthy landowners Can hold public office Claimed ancestry gave them the right to rule Plebeians Citizens (majority of pop.) Own land No public office Can not marry patricians Slaves Mostly POWs or debtors Not citizens No legal rights

Twelve Tables of Law : 

Twelve Tables of Law First written law code Showed the strict separation between the Patricians and the Plebeians

Roman Government : 

Roman Government Senate 300 patricians Served for life Consuls Two individuals Commanded the army and directed the government Only serve 1 year and once every 10 years Selected by the Senate Could veto each other Dictator Elected by the Senate in times of crisis Absolute power to command army and make laws Only ruled for 6 months

Plebeians get more power… : 

Plebeians get more power… Assembly of Centuries Made up of the Roman Army Passed laws and now elected the consuls Elected the Censor Registered the population for taxes and voting Assembly of Tribes Elected Ten Tribunes Spoke on behalf of the Plebeians in the Senate Had no official power at first Later made laws

The Roman Army : 

The Roman Army All citizens who owned land had to serve in the army Must provide their own equipment Intense training and discipline made army very effective Divided into legions (5000-6000 soldiers) Each legion divided into groups 80 men called century

Roman Family : 

Roman Family Large extended family Father had absolute power Can abandon/sell children into slavery Supervised children’s education directly Wealthy boys and girls equally educated Women were citizens Could not hold office or vote Can control their property Not hidden away like the Greek women were

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