Peoples of Mesopotamia

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Peoples of Mesopotamia : 

Peoples of Mesopotamia Life in the Land Between Two Rivers

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Sumerians : 

Sumerians By 3000 BCE have a number of city-states Priests and rulers share control Polytheistic Built ziggurats Arches, columns, ramps Epic of Gilgamesh Epic poem Cuneiform Wet clay and stylus Number system Based on 60 Advance irrigation systems Could survey fields

Akkadians : 

Akkadians Founded 2350 BCE Sargon Founder “Lord of the Four Quarters of the World” Ur-Nammu Flood Control Advanced irrigation systems Armies to protect the trade routes Translated Sumerian texts into Akkadian First code of laws

Amorites : 

Amorites Start Empire in 1700 BCE Hammurabi Babylon falls in 1600 BCE Build Babylon Created a law code for the empire Code of Hammurabi 282 laws First written law code “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”

Hittites : 

Hittites 1550 BCE establish an empire 1200 BCE start of the Iron Age and the decline of the Hittites Expert metal workers First to use iron for spears and axes Much better than bronze

Assyrians : 

Assyrians 1200 BCE invade the Fertile Crescent 1100 BCE have an empire Huge Empire Highly disciplined army Calvary Provinces with governors responsible to the king Built roads

Assyrians CON’T : 

Assyrians CON’T Assurbanipal 700 BCE capture Babylon 612 BCE destroyed by the Medes and the Chaldeans Deported troublemakers Built Nineveh Library at Nineveh 22000 clay tablets First collection of civilization’s history

Medes and Chaldeans : 

Medes and Chaldeans 612 BCE unite to destroy Nineveh Nebuchadnezzar 539 BCE Babylon falls to the Persians Rebuilt Babylon Walls to protect the city and farmland Famous Hanging Gardens Charted the paths of planets, stars, comets Calculated length of year to within a few minutes

Persians : 

Persians Cyrus Darius Revolt against Medes Conquers into Asia Minor Treated conquered people well Allow for self-government Organizes empire into 20 satrapies with governors to collect taxes

Persians CON’T : 

Persians CON’T 331BCE—Fall to Alexander the Great and the Greeks Great Royal Road Zoroastrianism Follow Ahura Mazada (good god) or Ahriman (bad god) Live a more just life, then have eternal paradise Zend Avesta—hymns and poems about religion

Phoenicians : 

Phoenicians 1200 BCE—colonies in the Mediterranean from Cyprus to Gibralter 814 BCE settle the city of Carthage 146 BCE Carthage destroyed by the Romans Great traders Alphabet with 22 letters Influenced the Greek and Roman alphabets

Lydians : 

Lydians Coined money

Hebrews : 

Hebrews 2000 BCE migrate into Palestine 1800 BCE migrate into Egypt due to drought and famine Moses 1025 BCE create the Kingdom of Israel Preserved early history in holy texts Ten Commandments Religious and moral laws

Hebrews CON’T : 

Hebrews CON’T David Solomon 930 BCE Kingdom splits into Israel and Judah 722 BCE Assyrians conquer Israel 586 BCE Nebuchadnezzar conquers Judah Defeats the Philistines Built city of Jerusalem Hebrew religion influences Christianity and Islam

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