The Reign of King Tut

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The Reign of King Tut : 

The Reign of King Tut

Amenhotep IV : 

Amenhotep IV Worried about the power of some of the priests Decides Egypt will only worship Aten The sun-disk god One aspect of the sun god, Ra 5th year of rule, changes name to Akhenaten Builds city of Akhetaten “horizon of the sun”

Worshipping Aten : 

Worshipping Aten

Queen Nefertiti : 

Queen Nefertiti Akhenaten’s wife Said to be very beautiful Had 6 daughters with Akenaten Lots of hieroglyphics showing the family worshipping Aten

After Akhenaten… : 

After Akhenaten… City of Akhetaten destroyed All traces of Akhenaten and Nefertiti destroyed Names do not appear on any of the kings’ lists

King Tutankhamun : 

King Tutankhamun Related to Akhenaten Originally named Tutankhaten Changed name to show he worshipped all of the gods not just Aten

The “Boy-King” : 

The “Boy-King” Comes to power at age 9 Only rules about 9 years His death is very mysterious Some claimed it was murder Recent medical exams claim an infection

Buried in the Valley of the Kings : 

Buried in the Valley of the Kings Tomb located underneath the Tomb of Ramessess VI Discovered by Howard Carter in 1922 Only intact pharaoh’s tomb ever discovered

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