Egyptian Religion

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Egyptian Religion : 

Egyptian Religion

Religion based on Constants : 

Religion based on Constants Sun rose every day Nile river flooded on schedule Natural world is a series of recurrent cycles Re (sun god) journeys in a boat through the underworld each night, fighting the off attacks of demonic serpents to be reborn each morning as the rising sun

Story of Osiris : 

Story of Osiris Osiris was married to his sister Isis and was leader of the Egyptians His brother Seth (Set) was very jealous of his power Seth planned to kill Osiris and steal his position Seth tricked Osiris and killed him. BUT, Isis had the power to bring Osiris back to life. Seth came up with a better plan….

Seth’s better plan…. : 

Seth’s better plan…. Seth held a party and came up with a great game. He brought out a huge golden trunk Whoever could fit perfectly in the trunk would win it Osiris got into the trunk, only to have Seth locked the lid down on top of him Seth killed Osiris (again), but cut him into little pieces and scattered them throughout Egypt. Isis and Anubis (a friend god), collected all of the pieces But….

Osiris could not be brought back to life : 

Osiris could not be brought back to life Osiris left this world to become god of the Underworld His son, Horus, avenged his death, challenging Seth to a duel Instead of delivering the death blow, Horus showed his uncle mercy Horus then became the leader of Egypt in his father’s place

Pharaoh : 

Pharaoh Chief priest of Egypt Intervenes with the gods on behalf of his land and people Physical embodiment of gods Horus in life Osiris in death

Expensive!! : 

Expensive!! Lots of money and resources go towards keeping the gods and goddess happy Must pay for priests and priestesses Build huge temples to the gods

Magic : 

Magic Made offerings to different gods for good luck Offerings to Bes insured happy marriages Prayed to ancestors and minor gods Wore amulets

Extensive Beliefs in Afterlife : 

Extensive Beliefs in Afterlife Rich are mummified in preparation of second life Copies of The Book of the Dead are painted onto the walls of tombs Serves as “roadmap” through the Underworld to Osiris

Weighing of the Heart Ceremony : 

Weighing of the Heart Ceremony Using The Book of the Dead, the recently deceased make their way through the underworld to Osiris There, Anubis weighs their hearts against a feather If heart is lighter than a feather, the dead enter the Afterlife were they enjoy everything they did in this world but ten times better If heart is heavier, the dead are eaten by a horrible monster

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