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Never Trustworthy :

Never Trustworthy By: Tori Wright, HCA MS, Mrs. Wallace 7 th period


Introduction The internet is pretty much wrong Most things are written by random people on their opinions


Stalkers Sometimes people goes on facebook or something and makes up something and gets info on you and try to take you or something or just stalks you. I hate being followed and I think everyone else does too


Money People hacks into your computer through ads on the computer like “win 1,000 dollars here and now.” They follow you everywhere even your bank account and finds your pass code and stuff and tries to be you check on the website found on the bibliography to find out more

Info on People:

Info on People Sometimes people tries to convince you that they are your friends and tries to make you to find out a certain things about another person like another friend and later they could probably be killed I have the info from my friend.

Protect Yourself:

Protect Yourself Protect yourself by not putting: your name, your phone number, ZIP code, or credit card number. Just put personal information like: your age, your hair color, what school you go to, ect.



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