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J. Civelli E. Farmer The Internet HCA Middle School Mrs. Wallace’s Class 2 nd Period

The Internet[DUN DUN DUHHHHH]:

The Internet[DUN DUN DUHHHHH] Are you unprepared, unprotected, or newly introduced? If you answered no to any of these above you do not need to read this, on the other hand if you answered yes I hope you got the extended warranty and you might want to read this.

Chat Rooms:

Chat Rooms Don’t reveal personal information[age, address, or when you’re away from home] Make sure the person who you’re chatting with is really who they say they are


Email Don’t reply to SPAM Don’t reply to any unknown Email accounts Make sure that the person who sent the Email to you really did send it and not a hacker


Facebook Set the security to Friends Only Watch what you post [pictures, comments, etc.] Only play games approved by your parents

What to Watch For:

What to Watch For SPAM VIRUS Free Games that may include MAL Ware


Overall Never put your first and last name together Don’t click unsubscribe if you keep getting Emails from a company


Recap Get protective software Don’t reveal any private information Watch what you post Don’t reply to SPAM Don’t put your first and last name together


Bibliography Our minds Common Sense

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