The Good and the Bad of the Internet by anna and katie

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K. Burke, A. Forster The Good and Bad of the Internet HCA Middle School Mrs. Wallace’s class 7 th period

Internet Safety:

Internet Safety Internet safety is very important. When we are on the internet we do not know who we are talking to or if a game we might download will cause a virus. The following information will help you to be safe and secure while online.

Personal Information: Good or Bad:

Personal Information: Good or Bad The Good You can tell your friends things about you You can play games You can have an email/ Facebook /MySpace/etc. The Bad Other people would be able to find out information about you Hackers can crash your computer by downloads.

Chain Emails:

Chain Emails BE WARNED OF THE CHAIN EMAILS !!!!!!!!! Chain emails can carry viruses. These viruses will cause your computer to crash and burn or they can get your personal information.

Online chat rooms:

Online chat rooms Online chat can seem very fun. They allow you to talk with your friends. They also have a down side. Chat rooms can also have people who aren’t who they say they really are. That’s why you want to be careful who you talk to in chat rooms.

Online games:

Online games Online games can be very exciting. You just have to be careful what you play. Some games may cause a virus on your computer. If you have to download it, be sure you know that it won’t cause any harm to your computer or that it is not a phony game made by a hacker.

Buying online:

Buying online Some of the things that you buy online can not even be real. They could be scammers trying to get your credit card number so they can buy things and charge it to your account. Always be sure you know where the item is come from before you buy them.

The best ways to stay safe:

The best ways to stay safe Watch what you put out on the internet Don’t put out any personal information Don’t click on pop ups that appear saying you have won something or for the screen savers Never give out your password, social security number, or credit card number Try the following website:




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