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How to be safe on the internet:

How to be safe on the internet J,Stiff HCA middle school ,Mrs.Wallace’s class; 2 nd period

The Internet:

The Internet Don’t go to bad websites Don’t click pop-ups Sometimes it will say that you are the a 1-1,000,000 person there and it will offer you money, they are lying. DON’T click it!


Youtube YouTube can be a funny website and a bad one if you type the wrong thing. People can put mostly anything on YouTube so watch out! Also watch out for random emails saying that you are in a video don’t click on it!


Email Spam is people sending things trying to sell you stuff or trying to steal your information SPAM!


Facebook If you have a facebook account you should beware! If you give out too much privet information you could get hacked!

So be safe and have fun!:

So be safe and have fun! So remember to always have your firewall on Watch out for suspicious emails Don’t open spam Don’t click popups And have fun online


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