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The Afar People of Africa: Trying to Make a Difference. Presentation by Warren Creates to Innovators Alliance, Ottawa Chapter.


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The Afar People: Trying to make a difference! Prepared by: Warren L. Creates, B.A, LL.BOttawa, October 2008

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Brainstorming What do you think of the work we’re doing? How do we make what we have started sustainable? How can we improve our fundraising efforts?

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Who are the Afar?

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National Geographic on Afar - October 2005

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Live in Eritrea, Djibouti and Ethiopia (the Horn of Africa) Danakil Depression - vast plain of salt pans and active volcanoes: 200 feet below sea level and 50 degrees C temperature. Population (estimated): 3 to 5 million Life expectancy 45 years. 94 % illiterate 90 % nomadic Religion: Islam Afars in Canada: 1,000 (estimated)

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“Lucy” Skeleton - Australopithecus afarensis Lived 3.2 million years ago Discovered on 24 November 1974, a team of American paleoanthropologists Fossil hominid of a young adult female only a meter tall. While the team examined the find, the Beatles song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds played on the radio

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Why are we involved in this? How did it get started? Representing Afar in Canada Carleton University Conference -August 2006 Mission to Afar in January 2007-February 2007

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2007 Mission to Afar Goals: 2nd Annual Afar Development Conference Assessment of the situation Challenges: Security Logistics Infrastructure Culture Time Constraints

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2007 Mission to Afar – Continues.. Local Partnerships built: Regional Government State Representatives Afar Pastoralist Development Association United Nations: UNHCR, WFP Issues Identified: Refugees from Eritrea and Djibouti Mobility Food Security Health and HIV AIDS Education/Literacy Fresh Water Women’s Issues and FGM

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Post – Mission Follow Up Validation Awareness/Building Support One container of Medical Supplies Food relief aid for 1,000 refugees

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1st Fundraising Event – 1 September 2007 Raised awareness Raised funds for future humanitarian projects ($25,000) Build partnerships in Canada Launched Can-Go Afar Foundation

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Can – Go Afar Can-Go-Afar Foundation is a humanitarian organization that aims to empower the ancient nomadic Afar people in the Horn of Africa to build a brighter future, by boosting awareness & advocacy for the voiceless, by providing education and literacy for the next generation, and by delivering health and food relief for the desperate. Together we will change the course of history.

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2007 Achievements Awareness raising One container of Medical Supplies Food relief aid for 1,000 refugees Fundraising event - 1 Sept 2007 Official launching of Can-Go Afar Foundation.

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2nd Mission to Afar - GoalsJanuary – February 2008 MoU with Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA) MoU with Afar Regional State Government Transferring the Canadian BioSand Water Filter technology Needs Assessment (education, refugees, health), identify projects.

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Training on Building the BioSand Water Filter

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2008 Achievements 2nd Mission to Afar - all goals achieved 3 projects identified and are being implemented: Support to Mahi Difu School for orphaned kids Sponsorship for Afar Students for a year Building Household BioSand Water Filters Incorporated the Foundation and applied for charitable status. Board of Directors appointed. 2nd Annual Fundraising Event organized

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Current Projects WATER: Local NGO implementing pilot project, operating 12 filters in total. REFUGEES: $4,750 sent to local partner to feed the 450 most vulnerable refugees (children, women, elderly) for a month.

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Current Projects EDUCATION: Sponsored 5 University Students (selected based on most poor/most needed and willingness to work in Afar Region after), $500/year. $4,050 – funded 30 orphaned students, for 3 months, at boarding school.

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Fundraising Levels: Level 1 – Water $100: Builds 1 BioSand Filter

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Fundraising Levels: Level 2: Education $ 500: Sponsors 1 student for 1 year in University studies $50: funds 1 orphaned child at Boarding School, for 1 month.

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Fundraising Levels: Level 3: Refugees (Emergency Response) $1,000: Feeds 350 refugees for 8 days in the extreme remote areas.

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2nd Fundraising Event: 4 October 2008 Raised more awareness $35,000 raised to continue existing projects Fostered partnerships with local supporters

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Questions for you? What do you think of the work we’re doing? How do we make what we have started sustainable? How can we improve our fundraising efforts?

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