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There are multiple magnets that you can choose from which include the bonded neodymium magnets from Mingjie Magnets. It is time to choose quality and quantity at a low price.


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About Us Mingjie Magnets is one of the leading magnetic material manufacturers in China that not only carefully produces magnets, but also supplies them. The manufacturing plant located in Wuxi, Jiangsu province of China has a production area of 3500 meters. Surprisingly enough, Mingjie Magnets have been specializing in molding magnets since 1990.

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I njection Molded Magnets There are different helpful uses that the injection molded magnets have to offer. Especially during the manufacturing and production of electronic devices, the magnets offer break-resistant support to assist the smooth functioning.

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Injection Bonded Magnet China If you are looking for the ideal magnets to incorporate in your production line then the magnets featured on the Mingjie Magnets portal are exactly what you need to look at. By choosing the best injection bonding magnets in China , your manufacturing system and production process will improve significantly.

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Bonded neodymium magnets Bonded neodymium magnets are often called injection neodymium magnets and these are magnets that have the ability to be created using different methods. Whether it is through the bonding method or the molding method, the magnets have the capability of meeting the requirements set by the manufacturer.

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