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Mingjie magnet is a leading manufacturer of magnetic products. Our company offers customized solutions for these injections to our client’s benefits.


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Injection bonded magnet china supplies best magnets We are the leading manufacturers of plastic injection bonded magnetic products it includes injection bonded neodymium magnets ferrite magnets. We are one of the leading suppliers of Injection Bonded Magnet China. Our company was founded in 1999 in Wuxi. Mingjie magnets have the capability of making molds magnetizing fixtures in house from designing manufacturing to maintenance. Our company is equipped with automatic robots it achieves accurate repetitive production without handling involvement. There are many core advantages for our company:  We are specialized in injection-molded magnets  We have experienced engineering staff  We have advanced technology of tooling fabrication/design are fully equipped with automatic product manufacturing  Strick process quality controls against the quality system Injection molding is a manufacturing process for producing parts by injecting molten material into a mold. For doing injection molding is performed with a host of materials metals glasses confections thermosetting polymers elastomers thermoplastic. Its manufacturing process is used for fabricating items from plastic trinkets toys to bottles containers cell phone cases automotive body parts. We provide Injection Molding Magnets China these injections are of two types: hot runner cold runner. A runner is a channel in the mold that conveys the plastic from the barrel of the molding machine. The runner is cooled down ejected with the part is known as a cold runner. An injection machine is made up of

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three components i.e. the feed hopper the crew the heated barrel. These magnets are quality tested on different parameters to make sure that they are perfect. Our products comply with ISO standards. Plastic bonded magnets are made with permanent-magnet powder that is embedded in a plastic binder. Hard ferrite HF NdFeb SmCo powders AINiCo alloys are used as magnetic powders. For fixing magnetic particles thermoplastic binder’s duroplasts polyphenyl sulfide PPS or polyamide resigns are used. The manufacturing depends on the material composition production process anisotropic isotropic magnets with various magnets mechanical specifications are available. These magnets have two production processes. For plastic bonded rare-earth magnets compression molding is used. If you want Injection Bonding Magnets China then we have a wide range of injection bonded ferrite magnets. These magnets are known for high durability utility. Our company offers customized solutions for these injections to our client’s benefits. Let’s know about the features of injection bonded ferrite magnets:

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 Anisotropic/ Isotropic magnets are manufactured with high efficiency reliability  It consists of magnetic dimensional characteristics without any additional process  It has a large variety of shaping possibilities. Here intricate complex shapes can be manufactures  Monobloc molding  Good edge strength  Machine ability of high degree  It is highly competitive for sensor magnets multi pore motor

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