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Hi Jarry, I am interested in your ppt on Robert Rauschenberg, could you share with me? Thanks, Jessica

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Answer these questions: What is being advertised? Who is the intended audience? What is the overall message that we’re intended to get from this text?

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Identify the following: Headline Image (DVF) Body Copy Background Logo/slogan

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Image (DVF): Sweeney Todd in a barber’s chair Headline: Title of the film being avdvertised Slogan: the catch phrase of ‘Never forget, Never forgive’ Body Copy: Information about the film Background: the settting that the DVF is in (ie. a barber shop

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Using the information on Visual and Verbal features in static images do the following: Identify 3 different Visual Features Identify 3 different Verbal Features For each visual and verbal feature, 1. explain how it was used and 2. why you think the designer chose to use each feature you have identified

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