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Comptia PT0-001 CompTIA PenTest+ Plus Exam

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Question: 1 DRAG DROP Performance based You are a penetration Inter reviewing a clients website through a web browser. Instructions: Review all components of the website through the browser to determine if vulnerabilities are present. Remediate ONLY the highest vulnerability from either the certificate source or cookies.

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Step 1 Generate a Certificate Signing Request Step 2 Submit CSR to the CA Step 3 Installed re-issued certificate on the server Step 4 Remove Certificate from Server Question: 2 DRAG DROP A manager calls upon a tester to assist with diagnosing an issue within the following Python script: /usr/bin/python s "Administrator" The tester suspects it is an issue with string slicing and manipulation Analyze the following code segment and drag and drop the correct output for each string manipulation to its corresponding code segment Options may be used once or not at all Answer: 1. NIST 2. NSRT

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3. imdA 4. TRAT Question: 3 DRAG DROP Place each of the following passwords in order of complexity from least complex 1 to most complex 4 based on the character sets represented Each password may be used only once Answer: 1. Zverlory 2. Zverl0ry 3. zv3rl0ry 4. Zv3r0ry Question: 4 HOTSPOT You are a security analyst tasked with hardening a web server.

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You have been given a list of HTTP payloads that were flagged as malicious.

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Question: 5 DRAG DROP During a penetration test you gain access to a system with a limited user interface. This machine appears to have access to an isolated network that you would like to port scan. INSTRUCTIONS: Analyze the code segments to determine which sections are needed to complete a port scanning script. Drag the appropriate elements into the correct locations to complete the script.

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Question: 6 A constant wants to scan all the TCP Pots on an identified device. Which of the following Nmap switches will complete this task A. -p- B. -p ALX C. -p 1-65534

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D. -port 1-65534 Answer: A Question: 7 A security consultant is trying to attack a device with a previous identified user account. Which of the following types of attacks is being executed A. Credential dump attack B. DLL injection attack C. Reverse shell attack D. Pass the hash attack Answer: D Question: 8 The following command is run on a Linux file system: Chmod 4111 /usr/bin/sudo Which of the following issues may be exploited now A. Kernel vulnerabilities B. Sticky bits C. Unquoted service path D. Misconfigured sudo Answer: B

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Question: 9 A client is asking a penetration tester to evaluate a new web application for availability. Which of the following types of attacks should the tester use A. TCP SYN flood B. SQL injection C. xss D. XMAS scan Answer: A Question: 10 During a penetration test a tester runs a phishing campaign and receives a shell from an internal PC running Windows 10 OS. The tester wants to perform credential harvesting with Mimikazt. Which of the following registry changes would allow for credential caching in memory A B C D A. Option A B. Option B C. Option C D. Option D Answer: D

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