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Benefits Of Using Blenders:

Benefits O f Using Blenders

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Blending is fast . sometimes using an Omega masticating juicer but it can take a very long time to prepare fruits and vegetables for juicing, and the clean-up is a big headache so blenders is good option.

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2. Blending is filling (if you blend at the right thickness ). I blend my smoothies super thick so that I can “chew” the smoothie and eat it with a spoon, which allows the digestive enzymes in my mouth to pre-initiate digestion and make me fuller, faster.

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3 . Blending doesn’t spike your blood sugar as much as juicing . Fiber is one great way to lower the glycemic index of a food. Juicing eliminates just about every shred of fiber, while blending does not

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4. Blending makes it easy to eat your vegetables. Just like juicing, making giant salads can also be extremely time consuming. Don’t get me wrong: I love sitting down to my lunchtime “big-ass salad”, but often don’t have the time or need to work through lunch.

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5. Blending also makes it easy to eat your fats By dumping everything from avocados to coconut milk (choose BPA-free coconut milk) to coconut oil to MCT oil to flax seed oil , hemp seed oil and extra virgin avocado oil (I use this stuff) into your blender, you can easily reach your daily needs for anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids and other fats that are crucial for your cholesterol, blood, joint, brain and nerve health

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