Terrible Twos

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The Quick-Smart Rainbow Legacy : 

The Quick-Smart Rainbow Legacy 3 – Terrible Twos

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Welcome back to the Quick-Smart Rainbow Legacy! Last time, Spek painted a ton of paintings, Wei was promoted, and the first of generation Red was born, toddlerfied and refused to speak anything but Japanese. Onward!

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Can Apple talk yet? Apple: Hai koto ga dekimasu! Trans: Yes I can! Allow me to rephrase that. Can he talk English yet? Wei: Nope. We’re going to try potty training instead.

Slide 4: 

Apple: Suru koto wa dekimasen watashi wa puraibashī o moraemasu ka? Trans: Can’t I get any privacy? All right. I’ll go see what Spek’s doing.

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... Oh. It looks like when they... Ahemed at the end of last chapter it had some unexpected results. Spek: You knew it, you planned it, you told everyone on the *CENSORED* slide! Umm... Sorry?

Slide 6: 

Continuing Emo Painting I see. Spek: Buzz off. ...What’s WITH everyone today?

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D’aww. Apple: Puraibashī, boisu! Trans: Privacy, Voice! But, but, the camera loves you. Apple: Dō demo ii yo. Trans: I don’t give a *CENSORED*. Where’d you learn that word? Apple: Mama.

Slide 8: 

I have never ever ever had anyone fix anything in TS3. It’s too easy just to phone a repairman.

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Spek: This isn’t what it looks like! Suure.

Slide 10: 

Emo Painting, when finished, is Spek’s first Brilliant painting. I fear for her future.

Slide 11: 

Wei: And so the Loch Ness Monster came out of the lake and ate the woman up! Apple: Soshite nesu-ko no kaijū ga mizuumi kara dete kita josei o tabeta!

Slide 12: 

Wei: But she came back as a ghost and scared the Loch Ness Monster to death! Apple: But she... *cough* Shikashi, kanojo wa yūrei toshite kite,-shi ni nesu-ko no kaijū o kowagatte! Who is this woman? Wei: Random lady I hate.

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Bun in the oven? Spek: It feels like buns. I hope they’re girls.

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Wei? Wei: Mmm? Spek’s pregnant. Wei: I want a boy. Apple: Watashi wa kore de hatsugen-ken o eru ka? Trans: Do I get a say in this? No.

Slide 15: 

You sure you’re not gonna change your mind about the boy? Wei: No. Why should I?

Slide 16: 

Apple: Kāsan wa, watashi ga hoshii... Trans: Mum, I want a... Spek: You’ll have to speak English dear. I don’t speak Japanese!

Slide 17: 

Apple: Boisu. Puraibashī. Trans: Voice. Privacy. But you look so cuu... Apple: PURAIBASHI! :backs away slowly:

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Apple: Nan-do ittara wakaru nda? Baai demo, kamera ga watashi o aishite inai, watashi wa puraibashī o hitsuyō to suru! Trans: How many times do I have to tell you? Even if the camera does love me, I need my privacy! But you are cute! Apple: WATASHI WA KI NI SHINAIDE KUDASAI! Trans: I DON’T CARE!

Slide 19: 

Aah... Aah... Spek: Hey. I heard your shouting match. What happened? Apple wa watashi no... Lord, it’s contagious.

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Apple: PURAI... Wei: You’ve just maxed all your skills! It’s only natural she wants a shot of you! You speak Japanese then Wei? Wei: Yup.

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Wei has a new toy, Gnumm. He’s not very good at it.

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Spek: BAABY! Head to hospital then!

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Spek: I CAN’T! WEI’S AT WORK AND SOMEONE NEEDS TO WATCH APPLE! Call a babysitter then! Spek: *insert stream of obscenities, some in Japanese*

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Awhile later, Spek gives birth to two girls, named Robin and Tomato Soup.

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Wei: I got a promotion. *insert stream of obscenities, some in Japanese*

Slide 26: 

WATER BEETLES! What, babies? All right.

Slide 27: 

Robin Wobnair, the firstborn, is a brave artist who likes green.

Slide 28: 

Tomato Soup Wobnair is an artistic virtuoso who likes red. Well.

Slide 29: 

Apple: Howaito wa anata no īwake wa kono jikandesu ka? Trans: What’s your excuse this time? ...From now on all teddy bears will be named after X-Men? Apple: U ̄ n... Trans: Hrmm...

Slide 30: 

Wei was totally shattered after work. Hang on... Why’s he wearing his glasses?

Slide 31: 

Spek starts on a portrait of Wei.

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SUCCESS! Spek: PURAI... You’re right. It is contagious.

Slide 33: 

Susan Blackwell must have teenified, because our new paper girl is the not-even-remotely-funnily-named Taryn Nolan.

Slide 34: 

Why so sad Spek? Spek: Two babies and a toddler. Not to mention...

Slide 35: 

Spek: Blecch. ...I’ll toddlerfy the girls now, ‘kay?

Slide 36: 

First up is Robin!

Slide 37: 


Slide 38: 

Still Robin, still a brave artist, still likes green.

Slide 39: 

Apple: Anata ga kōru suru koto ga arimasu watashi sensei. Trans: You may call me sensei. Robin: Alright, Apple-sensei.

Slide 40: 

Now for Soup! Spek: You did have to call her that, didn’t you? Blame my mum.

Slide 41: 

She looks... Shellshocked, but not that bad. She’s also the first of the kids with Wei’s hair. Plus she toddlerfied in red. Benes for her.

Slide 42: 

Still Tomato Soup, still an artistic virtuoso, still likes red.

Slide 43: 

Why so sad? Spek: Three toddlers. That’s reason enough.

Slide 44: 

Wei: And you’re absolutely sure Apple can’t do any of this? Because I’m sure he could teach Robin. Absolutely.

Slide 45: 

Apple: Tsu wa, ni, san... Trans: One, two, three... Apple + Robin: PURAIBASHI! Robin: Did I do okay, Apple-sensei? Apple: Anata wa migotodeshita. Trans: You did splendidly.

Slide 46: 

O_o Aren’t you a bit young for piercings Soup? Soup: You have a friend whose had her ears pierced since she was a baby.

Slide 47: 

Spek: And you’re certain this is the last one? Certain. Spek: Anyway, I want a girl.

Slide 48: 

Wei: Lemme guess. Spek’s pregnant, and she wants a girl. Well, so do I. Thank you. That makes my job a lot easier. Wei: It’s not a job. You don’t get paid.

Slide 49: 

Apple: Nani ka-yō? Trans: What do you want?

Slide 50: 

Apple: ... Ā. Trans: ...Oh.

Slide 51: 

Apple: Ittai nan?! Trans: What the heck?!

Slide 52: 


Slide 53: 

Apple is now an easily-impressed disciplined outdoors-lover. He still likes sea foam.

Slide 54: 

Hiya Apple. Apple: Heya. So you’ve dropped the Japanese? Apple: There are better ways to get attention.

Slide 55: 

Wei: Hey guys, I got a promotion... Guys?

Slide 56: 

Apple: Why am I too young to do kung fu? Good question. Apple: Why aren’t I skilling? Another good question. Apple: ANSWER. NOW.

Slide 57: 

Pool? Apple: It’s worth a shot. It didn’t work.

Slide 58: 

But he rolled his first want there.

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That seems as good a point as any to leave you hanging. Next time: Will I stop ignoring Wei? Will Apple ever do kung fu? How many babies will there be? I don’t care, as long as it isn’t triplets. These questions may be answered in the next episode of the Quick-Smart Rainbow Legacy, coming sort-of soon to a LJ near you!

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