Best Cow Dairy Farms in Pune

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Presentation Description - At Mr. Milk’s cow dairy farm, the milking process is a lot more than the output produced by the cows. It involves taking good care of them, keeping them safe, and treating them with love. After all, cows aren’t milking machines but dear friends at Cow Dairy Farm.When you choose milk for your family, look at the milking process at the Cow Dairy Farm. Is it ethical? Is it harming the cows? Or is it pure and safe, like nature intended? For more detail call us @ 9922676455


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Mr. Milk:

Mr. Milk Best Cow Dairy Farms in Pune

Mittal Dairy Farms:

At one of the leading farms in India — Mr. Milk cow dairy farm, the cow milking process is highly evolved. Yet, it is full of love, warmth, and care for the dear cows. Eventually, at the  Cow Dairy Farm , milking is all about delivering purity and natural freshness to customers . At the cow dairy farm, every section has a gate through which the cows are taken in a line for the milking. There is a shower tunnel before milking that relaxes and soothes the cows before the cow milking process. If a cow is ill or its hooves are overgrown, it is taken to the treatment area. Mittal Dairy Farms

Mittal Dairy Farms:

Mr. Milk is a leading Desi Cow Milk brand offering high-quality organic A2 milk to our customers. We make sure that every step of our process is ethical, giving our customers the best milk for their families. At our 85-acre cow dairy farm near Lonavala , cows are our friends and family. Mittal Dairy Farms

Mittal Dairy Farms:

We nurture them and offer them a paradise where life is wonderful, harmonious, and happy! For us, ethical milking is all about ensuring that our cows are healthy and happy. Because that’s what constitutes real, natural and wholesome milk . Ready to embrace organic A2 milk? Call us at 9922-MR-MILK (9922-67-6455) or download the Mr. Milk app to subscribe today! Mittal Dairy Farms

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Contact Information -:Address:– Gat No. 191,192,193, Mouje Sangavi , Vadgaon , Maharashtra -:Phone:- 9922676455 Email -:Website:- https://

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