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Check out here What is the role of product and tool design engineering and its importance for mechanical engineers?


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Role of Product & Tool Design Engineering & Its Importance for Mechanical Engineers:

Role of Product & Tool Design Engineering & Its Importance for Mechanical Engineers 1

Slide2: 2 Role of Product & Tool Design Engineering & Its Importance for Mechanical Engineers As a Mechanical Engineer, you have a world of opportunities waiting to unfurl before you since the broad and exhaustive field influences almost every aspect of our daily lives. Owing to the fact that a degree in Mechanical Engineering exposes you to the key fundamentals of engineering, physics and materials science along with the principles of force, energy & motion that are elemental to the design and development of small and large-scale mechanical systems as well as individual parts and devices, hence, Mechanical Engineers are highly sought after across diverse industries and sectors . These professionals marry their know-how of emerging customer needs with creative thinking and cutting-edge analytical and design tools to create and market a wide range of solutions in the form of user-friendly products, systems or processes that benefit the society at large.

Slide3: 3 Role of Product & Tool Design Engineering & Its Importance for Mechanical Engineers Whether you are a young Mechanical Engineer who is looking forward to a dream job or a qualified veteran who wants to enrol in a skill enhancement program to give an upward thrust to his or her stagnant career, a niche course in product & tool design engineering can help you upskill yourself and boost your employability and your ability to make rewarding career jumps.

Slide4: 4 Product Design is a broad arena that is an interesting mix of art, science and technology. It involves conceptualization, evaluation and transformation of ideas into innovative and tangible products that address human needs and challenges. Apart from product design and creation, the field also encompasses the commercialization of the formulated products in order to introduce and popularise them in the marketplace . Product Design is an elaborate process that entails relentless research and fact finding, non-stop ideation, multiple brainstorming sessions, prototype creation and evaluation, feedback solicitation and implementation of changes, if any, before the product is released for production . What is Product & Tool Design Engineering?

Slide5: 5 This makes the entire process a highly detail-oriented and rigorous affair. These days, product designers exploit various digital tools to visualize and analyze a product upfront prior to the design finalization and development stages. Tool Design is a complementary branch that focuses on the planning, design and manufacture of tools & factory equipment materials such as dies, moulds, jigs, fixtures etc. that are required for the mass production of products as varied as medical devices, sporting goods, mobile phones, apparel, furniture or industrial products. What is Product & Tool Design Engineering?

Slide6: 6 How can Product & Tool Design Engineering Aid Mechanical Engineers in Their Career? Considering the challenging economic climate and the ever-evolving needs of the modern consumer, a professional course in Product & Tool Design Engineering can further amplify your demand as a Mechanical Engineer by providing you with the underlying fundamentals that are vital for you to be able to discern and exploit the prevailing market opportunities to create or tweak new or existing products that are customised to suit distinct consumer preferences & usage habits . Moreover, you learn to appreciate and acknowledge the need to increase the profitability of a product by reducing its manufacturing cost & time and increasing its production rate without compromising on its quality or precision with the aid of specially designed tools that are efficient, robust, reliable, cost-effective, easy to use and safe to operate.

Slide7: 7 Why is MIT Skill’s Product & Tool Design Engineering Course a Wise Choice for you? Take charge of your career today by empowering it with the competitive edge of MIT Skills’ PGP in Product & Tool Design programme . Renowned for imparting world-class technical training to its students, MIT Skills leverages a modern course curriculum that blends theoretical knowledge with industrial visits for a hands-on experience. The comprehensive course covers all the important aspects of Product & Tool Design Engineering like Elements of Design, Product Detailing, Sheet Metal and Plastic Product Design, Product Planning and Marketing, Jigs and Fixture Design, Casting Die Design, Injection Mould Design, Geometrical Dimensioning & Tolerance (GD&T), Styling - Alias, CAD CAM - Catia , Creo , NX CAD+CAM, Solidworks , CAE Ansys , Mould Flow, Rapid Prototyping etc. - important concepts that will perfect your understanding of this far-reaching field and will help you establish yourself as a formidable player in the crowded job market of today.

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