Flowers and therefore the Reasons Why they are Offered To Gods


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Flowers and therefore the Reasons Why they are Offered To Gods:

Flowers and therefore the Reasons Why they are Offered To Gods


Introduction “Happiness held is that the seed, happiness shared is that the flower.” and that we continuously need somebody to share this happiness of ours. So, we tend to decide to convey this joyful bliss of ours to God, whereas the suggests that are called flowers. And this applies of providing flowers to God are some things happening from thousands of years, as is usually recommended by the traditional Hindu scripture “Pushpanjali”.

Why they are Offered To Gods:

Why they are Offered To Gods Beautiful Fragrance Puja Different Flowers Devotion


Beautiful The serene and pleasant nature of a flower will increase its beauty, that is already several stunning because of its creator. Hence, we tend to use flowers to please the Gods and raise prosperity, peace, and money.


Fragrance This is one thing which every flower has. Agreed? And their aroma is claimed to keep up an environment of peace and calm, that is why they're offered to Gods to please them and spread the message of affection and calm to at least one and everyone.

Different Flowers:

Different Flowers Different Gods love different flowers. Hence, it's a standard practice to supply a spread of flowers to Gods, their favorite ones. However, flowers with thorns ought to be avoided.


Puja Flowers build a really important a part of the puja. Almost all auspicious occasions like marriages, functions, new house, renovation or new search begin with some flower rituals only. No matter it's, however, the key part is there are forever flowers. They act as an inter-mediator between the almighty (the supreme power) and therefore the man.


Devotion And finally, flowers offer an additional sense of devotion also as help us connecting higher with God.


Conclusion There are several flowers like Rajas, Sattva, etc. and everyone is that the favorite of at least one God. As an example, Lord Rama likes Arali flowers. The Sun God Surya likes Vilva flowers. Lord Ganapati is fond of Tulsi flowers and goddess Parvati likes Arka and Amla flowers. To know more about pooja products visit

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