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array in c sharp... hv not attached programs for practical implementation. if u want programs do inform me i ll send them..


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CONTENTS What is array? Array Properties. Types of Arrays One Dimensional Array Two Dimensional Array Jagged Array Mixed Arrays


CONTINUED Array Class ArrayList Class

What is an ‘ARRAY’?:

What is an ‘ARRAY’?

Array Properties:

Array Properties IsFixedSize Return a value indicating if an array has a fixed size or not. IsReadOnly Returns a value indicating if an array is read-only or not. LongLength Returns a 64-bit integer that represents total number of items in all the dimensions of an array. Length Returns a 32-bit integer that represents the total number of items in all the dimensions of an array. Rank Returns the number of dimensions of an array.

Defining arrays of different types:

Defining arrays of different types double[] doubleArray = new double[5]; char[] charArray = new char[5]; bool[] boolArray = new bool[2]; string[] stringArray = new string[10];

Array Types:

Array Types Single-dimensional arrays Multidimensional arrays or rectangular arrays Jagged arrays Mixed arrays.

Single Dimension Arrays:

Single Dimension Arrays int [] arr ; arr = new int [3];


Initialization // Initialize a fixed array int [] IntArray = new int [3] {1, 3, 5}; // Initialize a fixed array one item at a time int [] IntArray = new int [3]; IntArray [0 ] = 1; IntArray [1 ] = 3; IntArray [2 ] = 5;


Continued…. // Initialize a dynamic array items during declaration string[] strArray = new string[] { "Mahesh Chand", "Mike Gold", "Raj Beniwal ", "Praveen Kumar", "Dinesh Beniwal " };

Practical Implementation:

Practical Implementation

MultiDimension Arrays:

MultiDimension Arrays int [,] numbers = new int [3, 2] { { 1, 2 }, { 3, 4 }, { 5, 6 } }; string[,] names = new string[2, 2] { { "Rosy", "Amy" }, { "Peter", "Albert" } };

Practical Implementation:

Practical Implementation

Jagged Arrays:

Jagged Arrays int [][] intJaggedArray = new int [3 ][]; intJaggedArray [0] = new int [2]; intJaggedArray [1] = new int [4]; intJaggedArray [2] = new int [6];

Practical Implementation:

Practical Implementation

Mixed Arrays:

Mixed Arrays Combination of 1-D, multidimensional and jagged array

Practical Implementation:

Practical Implementation

Array Class:

Array Class Array class is the mother of all arrays and provides functionality for creating, manipulating, searching, and sorting arrays in .NET Framework.

Method/Property in Array Class:

Method/Property in Array Class Method/Property Purpose Clear() Sets a range of elements to empty values CopyTo () Copies elements from source to destination array GetLength () Gives the number of elements in a given dimension of the array GetValue () Gets the value for a given index in the array Length() Gives the length of array SetValue () Sets the value for given index in an array Reverse() Reverse the contents of 1-D array Sort() Sort the elements in –D array

Array ListClass:

Array ListClass Implements the IList interface using an array whose size is dynamically increased as required.

ArrayList Class Properties:

ArrayList Class Properties Method/Property Purpose Add() Adds an object to a list Clear() Removes all the elements from the list Insert() Inserts an element into the list Contains() Determines if an element in the list()

ArrayList Class Properties:

ArrayList Class Properties Name Description Capacity Gets or sets the number of elements that the ArrayList can contain. count Gets the number of elements actually contained in the ArrayList . isFixedOnly Gets a value indicating whether the ArrayList has a fixed size. IsReadOnly Gets a value indicating whether the ArrayList is read-only. Item Gets or sets the element at the specified index


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