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Exchequer D’Quiz.The B-Quiz : 

Exchequer D’Quiz.The B-Quiz Surendra Reddy Exchequer D’Quiz.

Question 1 : 

Question 1 What in IT jargon is called as a “three finger salute”? Exchequer D’Quiz.

Question 2 : 

Question 2 Connect crystal , AM , Samba , Tropical ( Hint: think blue) Exchequer D’Quiz.

Question 3 : 

Question 3 Way back in1945. Richard James, a naval engineer, was working with tension springs wanting to create a horsepower monitor for naval battleships. But then one of the springs fell on the floor and carried on “walking”. And then this toy was born. What is it called? Exchequer D’Quiz.

Question 4 : 

Question 4 What is common to Bayer corporation , Dell computers , Ferrari in terms of their name? Exchequer D’Quiz.

Question 5 : 

Question 5 How we better know this company Cadabra.com? Exchequer D’Quiz.

Question 6 : 

Question 6 Gogool was the 1st name thought by founders Larry Page & Sergey Bin , but changed to Google as they found google.com was not registered . What is meant by Googol? Exchequer D’Quiz.

Question 7 : 

Question 7 Wilson Greatbatch was working on a gadget that recorded irregular heartbeats, when he inserted the wrong type of resistor into his invention. The circuit pulsed, then was quiet, then pulsed again, prompting Greatbatch to compare this reaction with the human heart and work on the world’s first implantable__________ Exchequer D’Quiz.

Question 8* : 

Question 8* RL1854.com is an Indian online bazaar for what? Exchequer D’Quiz.

Question 9 : 

Question 9 Which is the 1st advertisement featured in Colour in Indian Television History? Exchequer D’Quiz.

Question 10 : 

Question 10 Which two other more popular inventions other than file servers , print servers , e-mail ,a bit mapped display & Ethernet networking did Xerox invented , but failed to market as their products? Exchequer D’Quiz.

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