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Question 1 : 

Question 1 First privately developed liquid fueled Space launch vehicle to make orbit. (28th Sep 2008) It was developed by Space X . Space X was founded by Which Famous E-Commerce Company was founded by the founder of Space X? Hint : The current incarnation of this company is the result of a March 2000 merger between Confinity and X.com

Question 2 : 

Question 2 What has been listed as HR Bill 7081 on the business?

Question 3 : 

Question 3 Wembley Stadium in London is also known as “Venue of Legends” Concert for Diana hosted by Diana's sons, Prince William and Prince Harry was organized here. Madonna, Elton John, George Michael etc have performed here. Who was the First Indian to have his concert at the wembley stadium ?

Question 4 : 

Question 4 Connect

Question 5 : 

Question 5 Which West Indies cricketer played World Cup soccer for Antigua?

Question 6 : 

Question 6 Don’t stare Identify the Advertiser and the product.

Question 7 : 

Question 7 Who’s She?

Question 8 : 

Question 8 Who Started?

Question 9 : 

Question 9 His name comes from "ZA" the ISO 3166 code for ________ and "kumi" a word that means _____ in various African languages.

Question 10 : 

Question 10 Identify the Significance ?

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