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My name is Mitesh Shere, a passionate lover of sports such as skydiving and skiing. I love playing poker too. I am a stockbroker working in New York. During my spare time, I love getting connected to the adventure within me.


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Mitesh Shere:

Stockbroker Professional & Passionate Sports Lover ! Mitesh Shere

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My name is Mitesh Shere , a passionate lover of sports such as skydiving and skiing. I love playing poker too. I am a stockbroker working in New York. During my spare time, I love getting connected to the adventure within me .

Wonder sports: Skydiving and skiing :

Wonder sports: Skydiving and skiing Skydiving is an amazing sport, and it really releases all the adrenalin in the body and takes you to state of great well-being. Going up the sky and jumping needs guts and that is not something everyone can do; however, once you try the sport, the sense of satisfaction achieved is beyond words to express. It is like ecstasy, like nirvana that is attained in deep meditation. When diving from thousands of feet above the ground, it is surely a feeling of void and serenity . Skiing on the other hand can be fun, as it is more connected to earth. The deep snow and crazy desire to cut through the snow again gives a sense of joy. The great mountains, the wonderful serene environment and the lovely weather is all together a wonderful package to experience a phenomenal release from the mundane life. 

Poker is a great teacher:

Poker is a great teacher It improves math skills: A person who plays poker can learn a lot about mathematics, probabilities and statistics.  ‘Pot odds’ teaches people the importance of calculation. The math in poker is of high level, a serious poker player can learn college level mathematics. Develop Strategic thinking: The game rules makes people to think strategically, poker rewards goes to people who can outnumbered their opponent in different thinking and get piece of information by just looking at people. This skill of strategic thinking is very useful in the real world, especially when you are running your own business. Develop emotional maturity:  Through playing poker people can develop the skills to control their emotion or rather hide it in plain sight. It teaches you to handle emotional swings, you will learn how to deal with situation either you win or your lose. Handling the win or lose with calm is very important, in fact handling any situation with cool head is important and that is what pokes teaches us. Financial management: While playing the game of poker, if you losing significant amount of money, then you are not playing it right.  When you play poker, you know that even if you have plenty of money, you can’t keep losing it, you will need some reserve cash to be in the game. Players learn to reserve/save some cash for later and don’t bid every penny they have, this habit makes people learn how to save money in real life too. So, people who argue against the poker game are short-sighted, they don’t understand that this extremely fun and entertaining game teaches plenty valuable life lessons. These skills and lessons come in handy when you have to make some important life decisions.

Top Skydiving spots in the world:

Top Skydiving spots in the world New Zealand    New Zealand is one of the best destinations for sports and adventure and it is the most beautiful place on the planet earth. This paradise on earth is an epic destination for trying out any extreme sports. Falling from high sky into the landscape of amazing forest and glacier will give you the best travel experience ever. Hawaii Hawaii is a place for death- defying junkies. It is the best holiday destination in the world and nothing beats like falling from 15,000 feet above the sea. Himalaya; Nepal If you like getting high, then Himalayas is the place for you. The view from the above is mesmerizing and falling into the Himalayas will give you the rush you will never forget. Namibia Namibia is located in southwest coast of Africa. Namib Desert of Namibia is a perfect place for skydiving. If glacier and forest is not your speed, then this is the perfect place for you. Jumping into the gorgeous landscape and shadow shifting sand is an experience you don’t want to miss. These four places are top skydiving destination in the world, there are many more corner of the globe where you can fulfill your wild desires. So, just stop thinking that one day you will do this or do that, step out and explore the world while you can .

Top 5 adventurous sports you must try before you die:

Top 5 adventurous sports you must try before you die Canoeing & Kayaking:  It is a water sport, where you take the boat down through extreme currents in the rivers, weirs and waterfalls. Some of this game is also take place in caves and narrow sea. For this sport, you need to know swimming and strength to paddle down oars . Glacier climbing:  It is one of the most adventurous and dangerous sports. It involves you climbing on the frozen ice mountain. To try this sport, you need to have good presence of mind along with fit body and good health. Proper training and guidance should be taken before trying Glacier climbing. The best place to try this sport is Jostedal Ice Cap, Norway. Dirt Biking:  This is a speeding sport which is performed on a lightweight bike. The bike is small yet powerful, you can speed it up and run through the amazing terrain and feel the wind in your face.  This sport needs proper guidance and high training, do not try it if you haven’t taken any lesson. Scuba diving:  This is one of the most amazing sports and it does not require the knowledge of swimming. Scuba diving involves diving deep under water and meet amazing and wonderful creature living beneath the water. It is like going to another planet altogether, this sport should be on the top of your list. However, like any other adventurous sport, this requires proper training as well.   Zorbing :   Zorbing is most entertaining sports ever, it offers you experience of rolling downhill through the slope in a ball. The inflatable ball have shock absorber, it protects you while you enjoy your game. The best place to try this sport is New Zealand. 

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