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Integrated Leadership: Using Knowledge to Capture Goals:

By: Mitch Michals Integrated Leadership: Using Knowledge to Capture Goals

What is Effective Leadership Comprised Of?:

What is Effective Leadership Comprised Of? Leadership Is Often Ambiguous Individuals Interpret the Concept Differently 5 Competencies Remain True Elements that pertain to different areas Though different, they work together Understanding them can lead to success at organizational or personal levels

Vision and Mission:

Vision and Mission Starting point for any business Answers: What and How It Should encompass all employees Clarity Promotes Understanding My company (The St. Louis Phoenix) stresses practicing, not formalizing I have shown strength in dedication and weakness in effective communication

Shared Values:

Shared Values The principles an organization reveres Drives all business endeavors Leaders attempt to unify the company Changes play an enormous impact The St. Louis Phoenix have firmly ingrained important values in each member Consistency is a personal strong suit Articulating values and understanding the entire company needs improvement


Strategy The specific plan used to achieve goals Entails numerous resources and individuals Detailed process with long-lasting effects Different schools of thought exist which leaders base their strategic approaches on I am a proponent of a traditional/systemic hybrid I have shown the ability to make calculated decisions I have an inability to use organizational mechanisms in relation to strategy


Empowerment the act of giving people the knowledge, skills, and freedom to manage themselves (Gill, 2006). Employees are the most valuable resource It’s effects can be limitless Self Empowerment Listening & fostering open communication (Strength) Coaching and Mentoring (Weakness)

Influence, Motivation, & Inspiration:

Influence, Motivation, & Inspiration Leaders have the duty to shape the minds of their employees They are a source of motivation Effective leaders trust their followers Teach instead of force I am able to be influenced and accept change I must improve my ability to influence others and promote change

An Image Depicting The 5 Competences:

An Image Depicting The 5 Competences Each Element has a distinct role Different circumstances may cause more dependency on certain competencies Without any one of them success is not possible Leaders act as “coaches” in using competencies

Future Aspirations :

Future Aspirations Improve as a Follower Listen Remain open Self-Motivation Taking initiative on interviews, negotiations, etc. Having an impact on organizational strategies Contributing to the major developments of the entire company Empowerment at any position

Transformational Leadership:

Transformational Leadership Promotes Change Focuses on the followers Creates new leaders It can be a tool I use to empower myself


Conclusion Leadership will never be narrow Every model will be as unique as each person A comprehension of the elements is essential Once understood, individuals can create their own representation Anyone can lead


References Author unknown . Image Retrieved December 10, 2011, from: Gill , R. (2006). Theory and practice of leadership. London: SAGE Publications.

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