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St. Louis Pioneers – An Organizational Inquiry:

St. Louis Pioneers – An Organizational Inquiry By: Mitch Michals

Background Info:

Background Info Semi-Professional Basketball Team Member of the American Basketball Association Founded in 2010 Entering Their Second Season of Play Posted a 13-3 record in their inaugural season Made up of roughly 15-20 Employees President and CEO is James Graham

Structure and Culture:

Structure and Culture The Pioneers operate in an organic structure New roles and titles are created with growth Currently in the Entrepreneurial (1 st ) stage of their organizational life cycle There is a firmly established organizational culture Culture and Structure are essential to business endeavors and organizational behavior

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT Analysis Strengths Firmly Embedded Culture Clear Channels of Communication Weaknesses Inexperience Lack of Role Clarity Opportunities St. Louis Sports Market Affordability Invitation to join a new league Threats Economic Conditions Competition from other sports organizations


Recommendations Accept the invitation and join the new league Better structure, credibility, resources Opportunity to put forth a better product More Sponsorship Opportunities Focus on innovation, creativity, and unique marketing strategies Separate itself from negative connotations Highlight games being about the experience Fill a niche as an affordable sports option Become a reliable member of the community Use its platform to be positive role models Volunteer to help the youth, elderly, and less fortunate Develop a reciprocal relationship with their fan base

Closing Comments:

Closing Comments The Pioneers should stay true to their organizational culture Change is a necessity, but values are irreplacable Potential is unlimited Hesitance is more costly than action Don’t be afraid to make a difficult decision Endearing to the city is crucial On and off the court Employees are the greatest resource The company’s success is driven by their commitment and dedication

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