Mitchell G. Behm: 3 Differences between Bosses and Leaders


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Mitchell G. Behm served in the U.S. Marine Corps for over four years. He then joined his family business, where he worked as General Manager until 1996.


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Mitchell G. Behm 3 Differences between Bosses and Leaders :

Mitchell G. Behm 3 Differences between Bosses and Leaders


Mitchell G. Behm is the head of Behm Consulting Services – a top business and leadership consulting firm since 2017. Based in Lakewood, Colorado, Behm and his team look to empower business leaders and their staffs with the training, tools and resources need to perform at a higher level – and to more effectively pursue their strategic plan and vision every day.


As a John Maxwell-certified trainer and coach, Mitch Behm knows that while every workplace team has a boss, not everyone has the benefit of a leader – that individual who can provide the guidance, inspiration and focus teams need to stay motivated and perform up to or beyond expectations. Four of the most common differences between managers and leaders include:


Assigning vs. teaching. Bosses tend to focus on assigning projects or tasks with little-to-no support – delegating work without taking those extra steps often needed to really ingrain the process within their staff. Leaders, however, view assignments as teaching moments, and aren’t afraid to provide the guidance their employees need to complete the project – nor to show them why it is/was crucial in the first place.


Doing their job vs. showing compassion. Whereas a boss simply shows up to assign work and do their job, a leader has genuine interest in seeing their colleagues succeed – and will utilize their skills and experience to help employees flourish and grow as members of the organization. Leaders tend to understand that teams are more effective when they work together rather than as individuals in pursuit of separate goals.


Micromanaging vs. empowering. Often times teams will be under the helm of an authoritative boss or manager – someone who prefers to oversee every little detail and who regards their employees as workers rather than colleagues. Leaders, as Mitchell Glenn Behm knows, demonstrate trust in their teammates, are open to new ways of doing things and work to empower their teams with the tools and inspiration they need to achieve their goals.

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