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Mobile Applications: Case study : 

Mobile Applications: Case study

Wireless provides Mobility : 

Wireless provides Mobility Information at hand is at a very high demand. It is needed anywhere and anytime. Wireless frees users from being tethered by conventional wired communications Now a days the wireless communication devices (mobile) incorporates technologies like GPRS, CDMA, etc. so they are not used only for communication between the people. Users can also access the information from the World Wide Web through their mobile device. In short, if you have mobile devices then you don’t need to move to desktop.

Terms of Wireless Devices : 

Terms of Wireless Devices

Slide 4: 

Ø Form Factor — A mobile device needs to be small enough to move around, and ideally to be able to fit in the palm of your hand or carry in a shirt pocket. Ø CPU — In a mobile device, the CPU is not nearly as powerful as a desktop PC, and is almost certainly of a different architecture. Ø Memory and storage — This is a lot more constrained than on a PC, because handset manufacturers are cost-sensitive, and thus reluctant to add any additional components unless it is really necessary. Also some mobile devices do not have a persistent storage of their own. Ø Battery — Mobile devices are battery powered, and the need to have the device available for long periods of time means that the processing CPU cannot make significant demands on the battery. Ø Display — This is typically limited in size and resolution, and often cannot cope with color. Ø Input — Mobile devices typically do not have keyboards, or if they do they are limited in size. Therefore, input is more challenging than on a typical PC. : Entertainment Services Cricket, Games, Ringtones Mail Services Direct mail management from pervasive devices. Important Services News Business Information, Stocks data Emergency Services detail Railway, Airways status information

Western Railway : 

Western Railway

Search Result in Western Railway : 

Search Result in Western Railway As per your keyword you get the list consist the train number and train name Select the your train among the list and you get the train current status Suppose user select “9215 DN SAURASHTRA EXPRESS”

Result related to 9215 train : 

Result related to 9215 train The result comes with information of the last station leaved by the train “9215” on 29/03/2004. And the conclusion is “9215” left “VALSAD” at “12:40” but it has to left at “12:30. So, the “9215” is running 10 Min late from its schedule.

How the Western Railway system work? : 

How the Western Railway system work? To design the system in which the information is accessed from mobile doesn’t need to design different architecture and different resources. The mobile based application can even access the existing resources which is already in the world wide web. The web server of Western Railway already has information regarding trains schedules updated from western zone railway stations. access that resources and design the services which can access from pervasive devices (here, WAP enable devices). Accessing such information from mobile is shows importance of such services.

Western Railway system in : Web Server Western Railway system in WAP Gateway WAP Request WAP Response HTTP Request HTTP Response Western Railway Data Server node1 node2 node3 Updating train Information Ask for train data train data

other Services of : 

other Services of provide Railway Information Services and other entertainment information, mail access, news services and emergency services too. This emergency services consist contact addresses and numbers of Hospitals, Medical Stores, Police Station, Fire Station, Blood Bank, Ambulances, Petrol Pumps of Metropolitans Cities. So any visitors comes in any of these cities and found any trouble then discover the solutions from this. Here, the list is so much flexible as per users keyword they found the destinations, and display only that comes in users criteria. But to find out the proper destination user must know that from where he is located. So all this services comes in to pull model where user request for something with his demand and then he get the respond from the server. But we can add the push model in this services to make these services very efficient.

Architecture of World Wide Web : 

Architecture of World Wide Web

Architecture WAP model : 

Architecture WAP model : Horserace Gambling Solution

Slide 15: 

Video Betting Calendar Account Menu Login Open Bets Race Horses Amount Place Bet Confirmation

Slide 16: 

Intro Login

Slide 17: 

Select Race Course Select Race

Slide 18: 

Betting Slip - Amount Betting Slip - Category

Slide 19: 

Betting Slip - Horse Betting Slip - Check

Slide 20: 

Ticket Live Videostream

Slide 21: 

Menu Login

Slide 22: 

Select - Race Select - Category

Slide 23: 

Betting Slip - Category Betting Slip - Amount

Slide 24: 

Betting Slip - Confirmation Betting Slip - Ticket

Slide 25: 

Live Video

Push Technology : 

Push Technology Push Technology refers to technology that allows a server to “push” information to the client whether the client requests it or not, based on user pre-authorization. Contrary to “pull” which is a user request to the server for information. Need of Push Technology? You might want your stock quotes when they get updated. You might want notification when inventory is low. You might want alert about new mail in your mail account. You might want Live score of Cricket match. You might want security status of your home or your firm. Benefits of Push Technology incorporation. The goal of push-based information systems is to shorten the response time for data access by reducing the number of requests. Resources saving: Ie. Network traffic, mobile device battery drain,.. User don’t need to remember for

Incorporate Push technology with WAP : 

Incorporate Push technology with WAP

Possible of Push Technology Application : 

Possible of Push Technology Application Private companies uses this technology to pass the product catalog, new schemes, and their services to customers. Mobile Services Provider also uses the Push Technology framework to pass out the new scheme information, rate changes, and new services information to their users. Political party can use this services to reach the voters. They pass the agenda to the public and request for the vote. Educational institutes, universities can use this technologies to serve the information to students like when their vacation is completed, result detail also they suggest the student which course is suitable as per student result and interest. Stock broker can inform their costumer what is the current prices of their interested scripts.

How the Push content pass to Subscriber : 

Web Server How the Push content pass to Subscriber WAP Gateway WAP Request WAP Response Application Server And Data server User Profile Location Information HTTP Request HTTP Response Push Content

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