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The adverb that usually ending with ly


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ADVERB OF MANNER By : misterhadi

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Adverb of manner tells us how something happens or how we answer the question ‘how’. Examples : A : How did he eat? He opened the door quietly. It usually comes after the main verb or after the object. She sang and danced beautifully. B : He ate quickly.

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Adverbs of manner replace the phrase ‘ in a … way.’ Examples : He drives the car in a careful way. = He drives the car carefully. She tore the letter in an angry way. = She tore the letter angrily.

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Sometimes adverb of manner comes at the beginning of a clause or sentence. Basically, every child has a talent . Unfortunately, we don’t have any other alternatives . Finally, we found the man like you! Examples :

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Adverbs of manner are usually formed from adjectives by adding - ly . happy quick bad careful happily quickly badly carefully

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Adjective modifies noun while adverb of manner modifies verb. Compare : They always give us a quick response. They always respond us quickly. adjective adverb of manner

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The following adverbs of manner have no differences with adjectives. hard fast late early hard fast late early Note : hardly and lately are not the adverb of manner of hard and late. Hardy = almost not, lately = recently

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Compare : He is a hard worker. He works very hard . They are fast learners. They learn fast . The payment is late now. They paid late this month. They got married early . Early marriage is not good.

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The adverb of manner of ‘good’ is not ‘goodly’ but ‘well’ Compare : He is a good teacher. He teaches well . The team is good . The team plays well .

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We use adjectives instead of adverbs of manner after linking verbs such as : seem, look, appear, become, sound, taste, feel, etc… Examples : He became angrily . She looks beautifully . I feel happily . He became angry. She looks beautiful. I feel happy.

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