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The pattern of noun cluase in a sentence


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NOUN CLAUSE By : misterhadi

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DEFINITION : Noun clause is dependent clause that acts as a noun. Noun clauses begin with words such as : what, where, how, why, whether, whatever, etc.. Noun clause can be a subject, object or complement of a sentence. The common main clauses are : I know.., Do you know.., Can you tell me.. Do you remember…etc..

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In a sentence, noun clauses can be any tense form. Let’s compare more… I know what you do everyday. I know what you did yesterday. I know what you are doing now. I know what you have done so far. I know what will you do tonight. Present Tense Past Tense Present Continuous Present Perfect Future Tense

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Who is he? What time is it? Where are they? How was the show? Why were you there? WITH ‘BE’ Do you know who he is? Can you tell me what time it is? Does he know where they are? Do you remember how the show was? I don’t know why you were there.

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CONTINUOUS Do you know what I am doing? Can you tell me who you are waiting for? Does he know where they are standing? Do you remember what they were doing? I don’t know who you were talking to. What am I doing? Who are you waiting for? Where are they standing? What were they doing? Who were you talking to?

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MODAL AUXILIARY Do you know when he will come back? Can you tell me how I can help you? Does he know where you will go? Does anyone know what he might do? I don’t know what I should do. When will he come back? How can I help you? Where will you go? What might he do? What should I do?

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Where does she live? How much does it cost? What do you prefer? How do they speak English? Why do I love her so much? PRESENT TENSE Do you know where she lives? Can you tell me how much it costs? Does he know what you prefer? Do you remember how they speak English? I don’t know why I love her so much.

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Where did she go? How did you come here What did you find there? What time did the class begin? Why did you say that? PAST TENSE Do you know where she went? Can you tell me how you came here? Does he know what you found there? Do you remember what time the class began? I don’t know why you said that.

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PRESENT PERFECT Do you know where she has gone? Can you tell me how he has been? Does he know what you have found there? Do you remember how long he has lived here? I don’t know how many times you have said that. Where has she gone? How has he been? What have you fond there? How long has he lived here? How many times have you said that?

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