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This slide explain the pattern of subject-questions


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Definition : SUBJECT-QUSTIONS are questions that ask about the actors or the doers who perform, involve or cause the action. The common question words are : who, what, which, and how many/how much. Not like the regular questions, they have different pattern in structure. They don’t need auxiliary verbs like do, does , or did and no subjects. It’s assumed that the actor is the third singular person (he, she, it), so the verb should agree with the subject except for question ‘how many’. Let’s compare …

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What do you want? What does she do for a living? What food do you like most? Which car does your father drive to the office? How many children do they have? Simple Present Tense What makes you sad? Who likes smoking? Who understands English? Which bus takes you to school? How many children go to the government school? No subjects and auxiliary

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What did you send last week? Who(m) did you see there? What news did he get from his hometown? Which car did you repair? How many people did you invite to your party? Simple Past Tense Who sent you here? Who saw you there? What news brought you here? Which bomb caused high explosion? How many people came to the party? No subjects and auxiliary

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What have you done so far? How long has he been here? How many times have they come to Jakarta? Which car have you repaired? How many people have you invited to your party? Present Perfect Tense What has caused the damage? Who has gone to Europe? Who has joined the committee ? Which story has inspired you most? How many people have involved in the demonstration? No subjects

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What can you do in this situation? What should I say to him? How may I help you? Which car will you repair? How many people must we interview today? Modal Auxiliary Who can speak Javanese? Who will help us there? What would happen if I did it? Which team might win this match? How many people will come to the party? No subjects

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Present/Past Continuous What are you doing? Who is he talking to? What are you talking about? Who are you waiting for? What were you listening to? Who is yelling outside? What is ringing? Who is calling? What was happening when I left? How many people are waiting outside? No subjects



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