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PAST TENSE By : misterhadi

We use past tense...:

We use past tense... to express the idea that an action started and finished at a specific time in the past . We use adverb of time such as : . yesterday last night last week last month two days ago three weeks ago four months ago in 1998 etc …

Examples : :

Examples : I went to Bogor yesterday . She left Indonesia last month . He bought this car four days ago . They moved here in 1998 . .


Sometimes, the speaker s may not actually mention the specific time, but they have one specific time in mind. . i


. She found your key. I saw his girlfriend in the station. Somebody stole my bicycle. The bell rang again. Examples : .


After ‘when-clauses’ that indicates the action or statement in the past . ..


. I walked to school when I lived in Jogja . She sang very well when she was 16 . When I was a child , I liked swimming very much. When you were still single , you visited us often. Examples :

Now look at the stucture...:

Now look at the stucture... Affirmative . Subject Verb 2 Examples : I went to Bandung last week. He studied English last night. .


. Negative Subject Verb 1 Examples : I didn’t go to Bandung last week. He didn’t study English last night. . did + not (didn’t)


. Yes-No Questions Did Verb 1? Examples : Did you go to Bandung last week? Did he study English last night? . subject


. Wh- Questions did Verb 1? Examples : Where did you go last week? When did he study English? subject Wh


. Subject- Questions What Verb 2 ? Examples : What happened to you last night? Who told you the story? . Who


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