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This slide is a short explanation about gerund.


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GERUND By : misterhadi

Definition ::

Definition : a verb + ing acting as a noun By : misterhadi Position : as a subject as a object/complement after certain verbs after preposition

as a subject:

as a subject Smoking is not good for our health. Writing is one of my hobbies. Fishing is fun. Repairing this tool will cost a lot of money. Singing on the stage needs extra energy. By : misterhadi Examples :

as an object/complement:

a s an object/complement My hobbies are writing and reading. Mr. Hadi’s activity is only teaching English. My TV needs repairing . Her worst habit is lying . Our next plan is launching a new product. By : misterhadi Examples :

Common verbs followed by gerund:

Common verbs followed by gerund By : misterhadi admit avoid consider continue deny enjoy finish forget hate keep like love postpone prefer can’t help can’t stand don’t mind remember start stop

PowerPoint Presentation:

The man admitted stealing the money. He denied committing the crime. I think everybody hates waiting . They don’t mind working on Sundays. Let’s postpone leaving until tomorrow. By : misterhadi Examples :

after preposition:

after preposition Thank you for coming here. Please have a drink before leaving . She got merried without telling me. He entered the house by breaking the window. I went out after doing my homework. By : misterhadi Examples :


finish follow my next other slide soon By : misterhadi

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