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Presentation given to the School Committee on the status of the ePortfolio Project.


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SHS ePortfolio Project:

SHS ePortfolio Project Presented to: Somerville School Committee Presented by: Sebastian LaGambina, Science Department Chair Chris Glynn, Social Studies Michelle Li, English Michael Maloney, Physics Max Freitas & Rachel Iacomini, Students


SHS ePortfolio Project Somerville High School Overview What is an ePortfolio (video by Chris Glynn) Somerville High School and Oneville (Chris Glynn & Michelle Li) SHS ePortfolio Template based system (Mike Maloney) Implementation at SHS (Sibby LaGambina) Managed by Google Apps for Education Development of Implementation Team Student Examples: Maxwell Freitas & Rachel Iacomini

What is an ePortfolio:

SHS ePortfolio Project Somerville High School What is an ePortfolio

ePortfolio Collaboration with Oneville:

SHS ePortfolio Project Somerville High School ePortfolio Collaboration with Oneville Phase 1 6 Teachers & 12 Students, with the support of Oneville, were given a blank slate to come with ideas about what ePortfolios are. Phase 2 Establishment of a second cohort of students and teachers lead by Chris Glynn and Michelle Li. Development of the ePortfolio template and resource site by Mike Maloney.

SHS ePortfolio Template:

SHS ePortfolio Template Step 1: Creation/Personalization of individual ePortfolio Step 2: Selection of Best Works Step 3: Classification of Best Works into Evidences of Learning SHS ePortfolio Template Sample ePortfolio Resource Site SHS ePortfolio Project Somerville High School

GoogleApps Implementation:

GoogleApps Implementation SHS ePortfolio Project Somerville High School

Implementation Team:

Implementation Team SHS ePortfolio Project Somerville High School Team Members Mike Maloney (Science) Michelle Li (English) Chris Glynn (Social Studies) John Breslin (IT) May Chau (Art) Ryan Guilmartin (Social Studies) Yuri Petriv (CCTE) Maureen Halpenny (Math) Craig Leach (Media) Suzanne Morris (Guidance) Susan Olsen (Foreign Language) Sebastian LaGambina (Admin) Team Goals Review / Finalize the ePortfolio Template and Resource Site Develop a School Wide Implementation Plan including PD for Staff Recommend ways to incorporate and use ePortfolios at Somerville High School.

Student Examples:

Student Examples Max Freitas Rachel Iacomini Sandrah Abbuah Susan Hassan SHS ePortfolio Project Somerville High School

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