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The mist collector manufacturers provides mist collectors with effective filters which suck dust and mist from polluted air and ensure the good health of employees and machines.


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The Importance of Mist Collector in Industries Why is occupational safety and health important As Juan Somavia has rightly said that “Occupational safety and health is vital to the dignity of work” it is therefore important to provide a workplace to the employees which are safe and healthy. Every industrial and manufacturing sector should implement safety measure to eliminate the pollution from the work environment to safeguard the health of employees and machine. Usually the dust and oil droplets emanated from the machines get mixed with the surrounding air. The fine dust particles suspended in the air settles on the machine after it cools down thus hampering the efficiency and performance of the machinery. MistcollectorIndia has come up with an optimum solution for eliminating the pollution by providing Mist Collectors which effectually absorbs the dust and supports a clean and healthy work environment. Mist collector manufacturers – principle and benefits of mist collector The mist collector manufacturers by providing effective Mist Collectors have reduced health risks. The employees on constant exposure to dust and pollution frequently complain of breathing problems skin irritation and respiratory problems and in worst cases they become a victim of cancer too. Thanks to Mist Collector Manufacturers for their innovative equipment now industrial sectors can work with ease without any concern on health and productivity of the employees. The Mist Collector Manufacturers have adopted a simple mechanism to absorb the dust and oil droplets from the work environment. The air from the work environment is pulled through the pipe and it is filtered through two-step filtration process. In the first filtration process large droplets get trapped and in the second filter small droplets are trapped which gets ionized by implementing the principle of electrostatic precipitation. The ionized particles are finally drained through the drain pipe and fresh clean air is pushed back into the environment thus providing breathable air to the employees.

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The efficiency and performance of Mist Collectors by MistCollectorIndia can be sustained by frequently cleaning the filters. These filters are highly reliable and do not require any replacements. Such cost-effective Mist Collectors by Mist Collector Manufacturers are indeed a boon to industrial and manufacturing unit. For More Information Visit Our Page: http://www.mistcollectorindia.com/mist- collector/

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